Wednesday, September 23, 2015

My life now...

Sorry if I bored you out with my posts recently, becos apparently, my life now is only work and kids, nothing else. I don't even have time to go dating. Haha

Garage filled with cars everyday. (I'm not complaining!) Setting up of KB and d'Perfection, all these are taking a toll on everyone. All look so stressed up lately. On a side note, we have employed more people already.
Then back home...
I've two rascals to discipline and entertain. Need to nag at Raeann to do her homework and watch her roll here climb there for around 2-3 hours. Then entertain Meimei's nonsense and hear them call "MUMMY" 289 times in 2-3 hours.
Not only that, I've to monitor Raeann's progress with her school and tuition teachers as well. Not really interested in her results but more on her behaviour and attitude. She's those who will make people so bloody mad and pekchek with her, make people feel like slapping her kind of kids. I swear my tolerance level is damn high already.

Sometimes, I feel so tired till I feel like running away. I don't know how to teach and discipline. It's getting worse as they grow older. I really wonder how my mom did it, with 4 kids. I wonder how other FTWMs did it. I feel so ashamed and lousy.

Thank god Meimei is slightly better in terms of listening, understanding and studies. She has her cons too lah, one of them is being too sticky to me! But I cannot blame her for being like that. Becos I was the one attending to her since she was a baby. She MUST sleep next to me every night. Even when she fall asleep early, she will wake up in the middle of the night to "search" for me. But she's understanding in a sense that if I explain to her before hand (let's say if I've to go to work earlier and can't send her to aunt's place), she will be fine. She's definitely not loh-soh like Raeann.

She's very funny. She always come up with nonsense you have no idea to be angry or to laugh and you won't know how to reply her.

That day she dropped her bracelet...

Me: Mei, where you drop it?
Xuan: I don't know *shrug*
Me: See lah, it's your birthday present, now it's gone.
Xuan: NO PROBLEM. I've bigger bracelet at Mama's house.

But I found the bracelet at home. And I said I'll keep it for her (jokingly said I'll give it to Jiejie cos her hand is too small), if not she will drop it again. Then yesterday...

Xuan: Mummy, you give the bracelet to Jiejie lor.
Me: WHY?


Then last night, I promised to sleep next to Raeann cos the night before I slept next to Meimei. (See lah, even sleeping next to me also must fight ok!) So I told Meimei to compromise, becos I promised Jiejie already. But wow, she came up with incredible nonsense again.

Xuan: But Mummy, I cannot sleep here, it's so hot.
Xuan: Mummy, I feel so itchy. Becos I sleep next to Jiejie.
Me: WOW (Both me and Raeann LOL!)

End up, I must compromise by squeezing in the centre of both of them. Haiz. Life is hard.

I eat mooncakes until sore throat liao.

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