Monday, September 28, 2015

Our SunDate


Nothing much. Just playing what kids should play. Then brought them for a hair cut. Meimei suddenly wants to cut her hair and was very firm on it.  

Her decisive-ness scared me, lol. Her no means no, you won't be able to bribe her one. 

She happily tell me that everyone said her new hairstyle is so ugly. Hahaha she's really one of a kind, bo chup to the max. (She think it's nice and didn't regret at all!)

Played with Anders a little too. He's omg active, just like Raeann when she was a baby. Can never keep still for more than 3 mins (unless eating) and when carried, will twist and turn everywhere. Look after him can slim down, I swear. Lol

New items added to the lounge... Got the glass (biscuits) container from Daiso! So worth for $2 lor! I always tell B... "WAH B, THIS IS BEST BUY!" Then he said, "but you have many best buys leh!" I THINK SO TOO! Lol

I think my flat lay skill improved! Haha! This photo consists most of my favourite things. 

It's so much easier to take photos with the concealed backdrop. I got it from Groupon by the way but I'm not sure if it's still available now! 

I always post my belongings/experiences just becos I'm not selfish? I'm sharing? No intention to "show off" in any ways becos I've nothing to show anyway. LOL

When people asked "where did you buy this?" or "how much you bought that?", I've never failed to reply, unless I missed your msg. Becos I only want to share, no other motive.
You wouldn't like it if I kpkb or complain every time right? So negative lor! If you realised, I seldom seldom complain now, not on my blog, neither in real life. Cos I find complaining very useless. You're in charge of your own life, to be happy or sad, is a choice. 

Raeann was so upset over someone who spoke ill of me. I can understand how she feels becos if someone were to speak bad of my mom, I'll also get angry. (I was angry at first too, not becos of what she told me. Rather becos I hope that person won't act nice to me in future. Cos I wouldn't know how to react? Haha) 
I've no problem facing "ugly" truths, but I've a huge problem facing hypocrites. 

B told me 80% of humans are hypocrites in this world. I can't don't agree now. Being stubbornly think that when I'm nice to people, people will be nice to me too, IS STUPID. They might be nice lah, but behind your back, wah, you won't believe what they say about you. 

Then again, you cannot control other's mouth. You can only control your own reaction. When you calm down and think, you will find it amusing becos those people who spoke ill of you usually don't mean anything to you. They don't know you well enough not to judge. 

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