Sunday, September 13, 2015

Raeann is 8 lo!

I said "wait for them to come back and sing song for u". She said "don't need lah, I can sing song for myself and cut the cake myself". Where got people like that one? 

Nothing grand, just a simple close door celebration. Sorry ah, I find it a hassle to plan for birthday party with HER friends becos I don't know their parents, I don't mingle around one. I do not like to get involve in dramas which always happen in big group of people. 

A not happy with B, complain to C. Then end up no idea what happened, B become angry with C and suddenly very close to A. Just quoting an example.

Her erm... quite ugly Minecraft cake which cost me $80! But luckily... 
It tastes okay. Lychee fresh cream cake. I hope Meimei one will turns out prettier. Lol

Thanks PY for "lending" Alexis to me for one night. "Returned" her the next day at SK cos it's Alexis's little bro; Aaden's baby shower!

They were drinking warm water. And after food, I bought them hot chocolate. I'm kinda strict on "no cold drinks early in the morning". They seldom take cold drinks when I'm around though I know they secretly take when I'm not around. 

I can't possibly be around to be the "devil" all the time. What if I die early? Jialat liao, no government for them. 

Talking about government, I tell you I ish very the pekchek with the GE results. Many people only know how to complain complain and complain, but damn kiasi (怕死). To each of his own, I know and I understand. I respect. But when GST rises, COE rises, everything rises except your salary, those PAP voters better not complain. Why? Cos you asked for it? Might as well kick out all the oppositions lor, then PAP can take control of everything, without anyone speaking up for us. 

More than 2/3 of The Parliment are PAP now. Imagine this scenario...

Vivi Bala: I'm bringing up this suggestion to build more ERP. 

All other PAP: Oh yes yes, I agree! (Does it even affects them in anyway?) 

6 oppositions can't do anything even when they strongly disagree. 

So you think people who vote for oppositions are stupid? Ungrateful? Never think of kids' future? Really? 

I think I must thank you in advance, for all the "increase" that might happen. 

I'm not saying that PAP is incompetent. Neither do I think that the oppositions are capable of handling Singapore. But there's no Parliment with only one party in control. We need a balance. BALANCE. Understand?

Sorry, I'm very open talk on this. You can don't agree with me of cos. But you cannot stop me from thinking what I want to think. I don't need you to convince me. 

Aaden's Baby Shower 
Aaden and his daddy.

Raeann is 24 kg, Meimei is 21 kg and Alexis is 18 kg. Oh my god! Sooooo skinny can! But she's mad funny. She "gek" her muscle and show me, asked me how many "packs" she has (after shower). I said... "One pack of bones ah! You must eat more!" Hahaha

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