Friday, September 18, 2015

Raechelle's Little Kingdom Party

The Ben and Holly - Raechelle's Little Kingdom themed party is today!!! And thank my lovely god, Meimei's cake looks so so so so so much better...

Worth the bucks (also $80) even though I've no idea how it tastes cos the kids finished everything. I'm actually quite scare of cake in September too. *ahem*

Look at her super happy face! :)


My girl is growing up too fast, no longer a baby even though I always treat her like one. She brings joy to everyone around cos she's really adorable with her vivacious character and all her oh-so-natural nonsense. Her attitude is totally like me, very decisive. Like = like, dislike = dislike, no in between or fake front. She's damn cool one hor.

Anyway, I'm very happy today cos I made her very happy with her favourite cartoon characters' cake and goodie bags. She was jubilant cos it's finally her turn to cut the cake in her class, with so many people singing birthday song for her. Can see that all her teachers dote on her, and they told me the principal adored her. As a mom, I'm elated to hear that.

Ok, gtg, stay tuned for part II celebration on her actual day.

P/S: Have been "snaking" from work due to their birthdays, so sorry to my 3 bosses.

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