Thursday, September 3, 2015

September School Holiday

Oh, it's the start of 烦 days for a week plus. I'm gonna receive 73863827 phone calls from Raeann per day. LOL

Received these photos in the parents' group chat earlier...

Very heart warming, really. I managed to put a smile on them, and their parents appreciated! (Thanks for all the birthday wishes to Raeann!) Nothing very expensive but hope they will like it. 

Busy everyday (meeting; up and down, in and out) but very happy!!! EAC is filled with fun & "exciting" people, lolol. I'm still in the office now, hoping to get Cheryl's TTS thoroughly checked soon so I can report to her instantly even though she's in HK now.

Sidetrack: TTS is a really good car, can say it's the best car I've driven so far, Ferrari California no fight lah. LOL! But I like convertible/cabriolet leh, even though I know people usually won't open it. Singapore is either too hot or raining lor.

Sorry, I can't help if you think I'm "showing off". I've never said that all these belong to me before, they don't. Those that I owned, I've probably spent my life savings on them. 

In life, you really have to learn that many won't truly feel happy for you when you're doing good. #wordsofwisdom 

Oh yay! I know where to bring Raeann for her birthday treat already! Shall keep it a secret and surprise her! =D 

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