Thursday, September 10, 2015

Spending 2 days with my two girls...

Eating and shopping!!!

So the staycation ended quite swiftly. Becos we checked in quite late, we didn't get to do anything much. 

A sweet little surprise upon entering the hotel room, and it's not even my birthday. Birthday boy gave me a surprise! Haha!

Thanks B' for planning everything! :) 

A short swim for them before dinner at Hard Rock. Raeann was too hungry and lazy to go to the place where I wanted to bring them. And B' paid for the dinner, when I wanted to treat. 


We got woken up by them so early, which I'm really used to it, but B' is not. Brought them to Mc'donald as promised, but I'm kinda disappointed with the Mac there. 

Went back to shower and proceeded to check out... O'rite, the room is kinda "dirty", we heard sounds at night, but I'd assume it's from next door (as usual) if B' didn't tell me. He can "see" them & he said it's a whole family. I'm not really scare cos I can't see, but I'm very concerned about the kids. Please don't touch my kids, come to me if they want. 

I'm honestly "pan dang" about all these, especially when it comes to my kids. It's "better to be safe than sorry" kinda mindset. I don't want to do things with regrets. 

Ask B' to drop us at MBS while he go settle his own stuffs. Becos, I wanted to bring the kids here...

Meimei sibei Aunty, bth! Hahaha

DC COMICS Super Heroes Cafe!!! We were to full to eat anything though. 


A summary of what they ate:

1) Mc'donald @ 8-9 am
2) Donut @ 10+ am (Meimei) 
3) Ice cream @ 12+ pm
4) Curry chicken rice @ 1 pm (They suddenly hungry!) 
5) Fruits & Ramen @ 3+ pm
6) Donut @ 3+ pm (Meimei) 
7) Marcarons @ 4+ pm
8) Pau @ 7+ pm (Meimei) 
9) Milk @ 8+ pm (Meimei) 
Meimei, you should start watching your diet liao...



Bought Raeann his birthday gift from Zara. Finally a jeans which she likes and I like. She looks like a little adult wearing it...

B' was like "Wah, you bought them clothes from Zara? You don't used to buy branded clothes!" 

Erm, yah, I don't buy/wear "branded" clothes one cos my clothes in/out very fast. 

Zara is not considered "branded" to me anyway. 

I'd rather spend on things they would wear/use/eat than to spend on TOYS. At least, money will be well spent. 

Just like I asked PY straight if she wants angbao or gift for her Aaden's baby shower cos I think she will receive a lot but no chance to use them. And I told her I'll give her a big angbao, ask her to buy tonics for herself cos I don't wish to "add on" to stuffs she dislikes eating/drinking. I put people in my shoe one ok! And friends for so long already, no need to paiseh at all. 

I'm this straight forward one lor. People who don't know me well always think I'm a proud or anti social person. But it's not true. I just don't like to spend time/effort on redunant stuffs/people. Sorry, I don't see the need to make friends and be nice to everyone. I'm busy enough. 

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