Sunday, September 20, 2015

The 258th cake!

Okay, I anyhow, cos I lost count of how many cakes I saw this month. And that's not end yet. Kentucky Shun's 21st is on the 29th.

Meimei requested to go ice skating on her birthday after watching Peppa Pig on YouTube. Her wish is my command. 


None of us know how to skate, they were scare, so was I! Hahaha 

Btw, birthday month gets free 2h entry + free rental of boots. Each birthday person gets 2 free tickets so we all got in for free! I only paid $20 for the rental of the penguin. 
Raeann learnt the technique quite fast. Aiya, not surprising cos she's always good at all these, except studies. Meimei fell a few times and got sian after awhile. Then she gave "excuses" that she wanna watch movie lah, wanna sleep lah. 

And then she got scolded by me cos she's the one who keeps pestering me to bring her to skate. 

But I still gave in to the movie request cos well, it's her birthday. We watched The Maze something, Raeann kept saying "I'm scare" throughout the whole show when she was the one who chose the movie. Really 被他们烦死!

But Mei was super funny. She eat eat eat then suddenly pass the popcorn to jiejie (they were sharing lah). I ask her why she don't want the popcorn already ah? She replied, "Wait. I need to sleep first!" Hahahahaha 

After movie, we went to Jem for dinner with bro & family...

Cos hor, I miss Anders leh. I like quite long didn't see him liao. It's either I'm home late or he's home late or he fall asleep in car on the way home.

Enough is enough. Last cake for their celebration. I don't even have a single cake for my birthday this year. My birthday "cake" still "making in progress", lol! 

Happy birthday to my mister and two misses! The three 让我欢喜让我愁 persons. May your life be filled with endless happiness and laughter.

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