Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Unveiling the plan...

People in the east, wait no more, EAC @ Garage is expanding it's 2nd branch at Kaki Bukit - Synergy @ KB. 

It's under renovation now, stay tuned for more updates! :) 

That's not all. We are also expanding another place for spray painting @ Pioneer Centre (just opposite Pioneer Point)! EAC d'Perfection! Nice or not? I named it! My bosses love it! 

Then hor, I realised my bosses also LOVE my designing skills. I designed all the flyers, invoices, certificates etc, they love it, lolol. Since when I become a designer? 

It's funny when I've to type employment letter for myself but have no idea what job scope should I put? My beloved boss say he also don't know cos now I "bao ka liao". Yah lah! 

At first, he came up with "COO", then changed it to "Backend Consultant". Simi sai post also can come up with. Maybe can put "mountain & sea officer" - 包山包海, lol! 

Tell me I'm not busy man. It's good to be busy though cos it means that our business is good and stable. 

But due to my character, I really cannot deal with nonsense and unreasonable customers, becos I'll ask them to fuck off if they're not happy. 

Why do some people sound like they're fucking big, just becos they're rich? Sorry hor, I don't give a damn even if you're president leh. You cannot be rude to people when they did nothing to you, at all. Be kind, all the time. 

My office has everything, from Horlick to Whisky. And plenty of noodles, snacks and tidbits! Will never get hungry there. 

Replacing another gearbox today! Kentucky Shun is a pro now!

Anyway, the haze is kinda bad these few days, do stay indoor if possible! 

This girl fell sick due to the haze and missed school for two days already. Teacher msged me to revise with her on the topic she missed. 

FYI, Govt is subsidising medical fee for haze related illness. ONLY for people below 18 or above 65, and people who earn a monthly income of $1.8k and below! I just gotta know it today cos clinic called and said wanna refund me. So I paid only $10 lah.

Hahahaha! Reading the msgs between me and B', I think I know Meimei's nonsense gene comes from who liao...

No wonder he loves me so much, cos I'm really full of nonsense, and I can make him laugh everyday! Meimei makes him very happy too cos she's as funny as me! Lolol

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