Saturday, September 26, 2015

While le man is working...

I'm waffle-ing. I just left Pioneer after clearing all the invoices cos I'm really unwell. But Meimei said she wants to come to Kidz Amaze. Well, they have been "stuck" at Pioneer with me almost every Saturday. It's only fair I give them some "leisure" once in awhile. 

Meimei is a simple & easily contented kid. She only requested to come for the Free Play (corner). That's why despite feeling very unwell, I tried to give in, becos she's such a darling. 

Raeann went to her father's place yesterday. I asked Meimei why she didn't follow... She replied, "cos I love to stick to you, I must stick to you." Lol

Anyway, I wish to dedicate this post to B and all the hardworking men/daddies out there... 

Men who are able to take tough and hard work are the most charming, especially those who do without complaining. 
My dad is one, even though he has so many flaws, I still respect him a lot. Becos of his hardworking-ness and my mum's capability, I'm able to live well. Not rich but I need not worry about my next meal or roof over my head.

P/S: We left Kidz Amaze shortly after Meimei finished her food, cos I really cannot liao. And on the way home, she said, "today I've so much fun with my friends (kids she knew from Kidz Amaze), thank you mummy!" That's how sweet she is! 


  1. She is so sweet. It make u feel its all worthwhile ! Get well soon!

    1. Hanor. She's the consolation of my life. Thanks!

  2. Hi Babe, she's really sweet. She will appreciate the things you do for her. Mine just take it for granted as if the things done is a must. Really feel disheartened at such young age is like that, never know how it will be when grow up. You are so blessed with 2 loving babies and a sweetheart B. Envy max but pretty girl like you deserve it all.

    1. My elder one also take things for granted sometimes. I can feel u. Haiz...


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