Saturday, October 31, 2015

The brave little vainpot can wear earrings now!

Meimei finally got her ears pierced today. She has been saying that she wants to do it, but always backed out after hearing people said its pain. But I know given her character and courage, she can one.

Becos, 1) she's vain & 2) her threshold of pain is very very high. In fact, she never cry during any of her injections when she was a baby. She seldom cry. She's very brave.
I had my years pierced only at 7 years old and she, 4 years old. She knows what's happening but during the whole process, she looked super relax.

Thank god she was sooooo relax, I managed to capture photos and video of the process. (I was alone! If she cry, I'll need to pacify her & won't be able to capture anything!)

She said, "I want this diamond earring. I'm very sure." Hahaha


She did say it's pain and almost tear (but didn't), but after seeing herself in the mirror, she went happy like crazy. And after that, she showed it to everyone (even restaurant waitress, lol), so excitedly.

We reached home 25 mins ago and she looked at the mirror about 7 times already. Hahaha

Oh, and her jiejie hor, hiding behind all the time and die die refused to pierce. Lol! She said she's scared.  

Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cannot "afford" to be upset!

Hahahaha! Who ask him to upset me?! Actually, it's not entirely his fault lah. I'm just very frustrated by how things shouldn't work the way it's working now. I tried to explain to him till I got very mad. 

I get very frustrated by people who work abit & complain a lot, when the whole company is working very hard. And yet, I've no idea why, nobody wants to voice out. 

Obviously, I'm in no position to voice out anything, also becos I know myself, I'm a straight to the point person, my words can be very harsh sometimes, no matter who are you, whether you like it or not, I don't care. Therefore, I always keep quiet and mind my own business.
But today, I blew up. The bosses didn't say anything. I'm not trying to be difficult, I hate office polities the most. But I believe there must be a proper SOP if not everyone will start taking advantage. Human nature.
Anyway, it's over. (B said I'm very fierce! But I don't think so. I just don't like to beat around the bush! He said everyone is scare of me. But I didn't do anything leh?) 
Back to my shopping loots, I'm so excited!!! I think shopping is the ONLY therapy that works for me, hahah! 

Bought this for baby Anders! 

This for Meimei! 

And this for Raeann! 
Then I bought 6 bras and 12 panties for myself, wahahahaha! Etc etc etc

I hope I don't get upset so often, lolol!

Wednesday, October 28, 2015


After sooooooooo much troubles, I can finally collect the keys. I'm now offered a max loan of 90%. Which means, no cash top up required. But it also means, I cannot afford not to work for the next 30 years or so. There goes my taitai dream. Work to pay debts, sian.

The in-charge called and ask if I wanted to change my collection date earlier (currently on 30th Nov), I refused. Cos I've to start paying a lot more once I collected the keys. 

Even though I already have plans on renovation, I've no money to proceed. No money for furniture too. I can only slowly get one pc per month. Not forgetting that the flat has no fucking floor and door, knn, cos of one stupid decision. 

It's every person's dream to have a house of their own. After all, it's an asset. I don't deny feeling excited over it. But it gave me more worries than excitements. 

I don't like the area cos it's so far from my mum's. I don't like the green blk color. I don't like the high storey. I don't like my unit number. But it's my 6th BTO. I tried many times in Jurong but failed to get. 

I think I will leave it empty and vacant first, until further notice. I think I'm really one of a kind. Buy car don't want to collect so fast, buy flat refused to collect keys too. Actually, I don't understand myself either. 

B is asking me to collect asap before tiles price increased. I'm still considering. Haha

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pink Nail Studio

Time flies, I've gotten 2 years FOC nail services from Pink Nail Studio already! 2 years without any break (rest), my nails are still looking strong, healthy and beautiful, even when they are bare. Their filing off method differs from others lah. It didn't make my nails any thinner/fragile.

I'm still visiting them monthly, just that I didn't blog or update becos I've no time! Feeling so apologetic so I asked Esther to charge me becos I really paiseh. She refused. We became friends already. You may view all their past beautiful work here...

Blk 492 Jurong West St. 41 #01-32 Singapore 640492Tel: 9227 7000 (Esther)

Yup, there's an album specially created for them on my FB page since November 2013. I'll continue to support them and update this album. Honestly, I felt they are the BEST nail salon in Jurong. Price is really reasonable and all their nail/gel polish etc are very updated.

In fact, their customers base is already strong enough, they don't even need me to promote for them. Esther has no requirement for me, at all. She's damn cool one lah.

I like them, for being themselves. You should really really visit them to know why I like them (Esther and her sis) so much. Heehee

Quote "Joanne" to get 15% off! 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's the fastest way to slim down?

Anyone knows? Teach me leh. Dieting seems so hard after I knew B. We both put on about 5kg each!!! But he used to be underweight, so now he's just nice. And I became overweight. FML

You know what's worse? No motivation but plenty of temptations, knn.

Like now, while typing this... But I feel bored after awhile. Haiz (B laughed like crazy when I told him I moved out this bicycle! -.- I don't know what's so funny?) 

B has been feeding and feeding and feeding me, since the first day we got together. 

Whatever I say I want to eat, he will bring me, last time. Now, seldom, becos we are both very busy, but he will pack like $10 zhap chai bng/noodle/whatever he can think of + a soup (I love soup!) for me every meal. He honestly think that I'm perfect, not fat.

He gets upset when I refused to eat. Haha! Don't know what's he thinking leh.

Breakfast for two. It's not a buffet.
This, cost only S$0.68 per meal. Like wtf? Mission impossible in SG. 

Sometimes, we tried to bluff ourselves that eating more vegetable can slim down. I eat a lot of vege everyday, but I still grow fat.

Favourite bakso soup until I knew it's beef (some)... Not that I'm being stopped from eating beef (religion), but I really dislike the taste of beef. 

Oh, and the room service the night before cos we were too tired to do anything. 

And the list goes on, and on, and on, and on...


If only I can be like her... Eat and eat and eat, cannot be bothered at all, proudly tells everyone that she's fat. Hahaha 

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Memorable Surprise x Magic Comb

Promised a reader to do this review once the magic comb arrived. But it will be a quick one becos I just got back and busy unpacking...

Many lotions. Haha, COS ITS SO CHEAP CAN. I bought some for my mum too. The Lucido hair sprays cost like $2+ each ONLY. I love shopping at hypermarket, irregardless of country. (But poor B has to carry the heavy bag for me! Hahahaha) 

Back to the hugs and kisses of this little one. She said she misses me! Aww, we miss her too. 

The Surprise

Brought the flower back, but not the towel swans. :( 

I was made a happy woman by B yesterday. Totally unaware of all these arrangements. (I wore tee and shorts to the dinner and it's fine dining! -.-) But all the staffs were behaving so sneakingly. (Their service is really good!) 

We managed to eat a little snake amid the hectic working life. Thankful for that and thank you my baby for planning such a sweet and memorable surprise. 

And I hope you always stay the same, cause there's nothing 'bout you I would change. 
Stay The Same - the best thing I've heard in my entire life. 

Magic Comb

So, my magic comb arrived on Thursday! The shipping took quite some time, 7 days to be exact.

Got one for myself and the other two as gift for my friends. 

Click here -> if you're interested to buy! 

I put to the highest temperature to let it heat up first, then reduce to around 200C. 

Do note that it only works on DRY HAIR. Do not use it on wet hair. Something which I find quite troublesome. Like walao, where got time?! (Unless you're those who don't bathe in the morning, this is good for managing wake-up hair!) 


It will shows the temperature slowly going up...

Please be careful as it will get quite hot when it's heated up. 

Here's the result...

I've this natural wave hair which many people envied. Thick and volumised. But people who know me will know that I don't give a damn to my hair at all. It's messy everyday. I don't even have a proper parting. 

But you know ah, 乱中有行, hahaha! Meimei's hair is also very messy one, and she don't care too. 

Well, I doubt I'll use this often cos I still prefer my messy hair. And I'm lazy, I don't like to waste time on my hair. 

Maybe I'll sell or giveaway soon. 

Omg, I'm so tired! B woke me up at 5am!! He has to rush back to work. Very hardworking, I like! But I don't like it when his phone rings non-stop everyday. We don't even have time to sit down & talk leh. 

For the sake of B, I'm gonna start dieting from Monday onwards. Becos I don't want to look like a circle standing next to him, lolol! (He actually wants me to eat fatter!!! And tells me I'm perfect everytime! Duh!) 

Monday, October 19, 2015

Cheap thrill @ Pasam Malam

Gotten off work earlier today & brought the kids to Pasam Malam at Pioneer MRT.

Nowadays, pasam malam is so different from the past. There are so many different kind of innovative & unique food that you probably won't think of finding it at pasam malam.

No queue! $4 for 6 rolls! 

Tried the Nutella cos they said its one of the most popular. It's not bad. 

Churros here is not nice. Blk 500+ one tastes better! That day B bought it for me...

He knows what I like. And best of all, he always finish what I can't finish. He said everytime I wanted to eat something, I always eat 2 mouths and he ended up eating 35 mouths. Hahahaha 

That's why we always share, becos I seldom (almost never) able to finish my food. But the irony is, he didn't grow fat, I did. Tmd. So unfair. 

Cheap thrill like this made all of us very excited! Their size costs $5/set, Anders's size costs only $3.50/set, wtf. So cheap!!!

Raeann likes this. She likes all the junk food actually. 

I'm very tired recently, physically and mentally. Had a little chat with Jane this morning. I haven't seen her/them for a long time! Told her my life now is only work and kids, I've no time for myself at all. Tired. 

Where have all my positive vibes gone to? I want to be the happy me again.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The secret to look younger is...


As minimal as possible. It's true. Thick and long (like fan) lashes is no longer in trend.
In fact, I don't really doll up to work now. Becos my baby don't like it, he doesn't like any man to even look at me. He wants me to look like shit, so I only belong to him, him, and only him. But little did he realise that, even IF I look like Miss Universe, I also belong to him, him and only him. He should be proud if someone thinks his gf is pretty, no?

I don't know, we see this issue differently. Becos there are aunties/butch who are interested in him too, and what I told him is, "ask them to queue up and wait long long please, you're mine." LOL

Insecure? Yes, I am. Cos afterall, I'm already a mum of two, there are so many girls outside, prettier, younger and single. But I tried not to think too much. And of cos, he's trying his best to give me assurance. But sometimes, you know, woman lah. As and when need to sayang sayang abit mah.

We always argue becos of others and we realised that's the most stupid thing to do. He SHOULD trust me, and I SHOULD trust him. If there's no trust, there is no meaning to go on.

Anyway, there's a reader who has been asking me to do a makeup post/tutorial. But I've been rejecting her becos I don't know how to do a video. And lately, I'm too busy to even take a selfie!

[S$31.18][VDL] M101 CC Cream SPF25 PA 40ml
I've been using this for years and still using it. This is the cheapest I found in Qoo10 (includes shipping), VDL boutique (SG) is selling at $52 per tube. So this is worth, very worth. I don't even bother to try out other brand CC cream becos I love this. It's so light that you don't even feel like you've applied something. #donsayIneversharehar
My makeup steps are very simple...
Sunblock -> VDL CC Cream -> Loose Powder
Eyeshadow (not obvious) -> Eyeliner
I don't put a lot of makeup. B loves my RAW face, without any makeup. Actually, most men prefer woman without makeup hor?