Sunday, October 11, 2015

Archipelago Creamery

Lately, my neighbourhood has become so happening. There are a few new cafes in the community centre! One of which is Archipelago Creamery - sell ice cream one lah!

Since its a heartland cafe, the price is quite reasonable. Waffle at $4.50 - $5.00. Ice cream at $3.50 per scoop. 

This red velvet waffle with earl grey lavender ice cream at $8.50. 

Oh, we added toppings into it, so it's additional $1.90. Their topping is being stirred together into the ice cream, kinda different. 

It's nice that Jurong Kampong has such chill out places now. And it's my dream to own such a cafe, small & cozy. I hope EAC will own one, one fine day. I'll name it Pit Stop @ EAC


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