Thursday, October 15, 2015


Received the news from my mum early this morning... My aunt has passed away around 4am, she's 81.

It came rather shocking cos other than dementia, I've not heard that she's unwell. But then again, she's old already. 

生老病死, it's life. You and me will die one day too. The sadness are faced by people who are left behind. 

I do not like to think about all these becos it makes me very emotional. I guess, the greatest fear I have, is having to see loved ones die. I'm scare, really. 

The one and only photo with her after I've grown up, taken last year on CNY. As this year, I'm afraid of CNY, I avoided everyone becos I'm scare people will ask me about my divorce. It's nothing to be proud of and I don't even wish to talk about it. 


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