Monday, October 19, 2015

Cheap thrill @ Pasam Malam

Gotten off work earlier today & brought the kids to Pasam Malam at Pioneer MRT.

Nowadays, pasam malam is so different from the past. There are so many different kind of innovative & unique food that you probably won't think of finding it at pasam malam.

No queue! $4 for 6 rolls! 

Tried the Nutella cos they said its one of the most popular. It's not bad. 

Churros here is not nice. Blk 500+ one tastes better! That day B bought it for me...

He knows what I like. And best of all, he always finish what I can't finish. He said everytime I wanted to eat something, I always eat 2 mouths and he ended up eating 35 mouths. Hahahaha 

That's why we always share, becos I seldom (almost never) able to finish my food. But the irony is, he didn't grow fat, I did. Tmd. So unfair. 

Cheap thrill like this made all of us very excited! Their size costs $5/set, Anders's size costs only $3.50/set, wtf. So cheap!!!

Raeann likes this. She likes all the junk food actually. 

I'm very tired recently, physically and mentally. Had a little chat with Jane this morning. I haven't seen her/them for a long time! Told her my life now is only work and kids, I've no time for myself at all. Tired. 

Where have all my positive vibes gone to? I want to be the happy me again.


  1. Hi Joanne, your baby and you working in same company together? Wish you all the best.

    I used to work with my baby together in the same company but after 1 yr+ he quit and leave that the r/s turn distant. Days gone months gone and so called silence breakup. He got his new love and so much better than me. Even I send text to wish him all the best but he didn't reply at all.

    Till now I'm still in the company I have so much wanted to leave but I need daily income to support my family. Went for some interviews but all need immediate can't wait for my notice periods. Memories in the company bring so much pains that sometimes I can't even bear it anymore yet I've to stay strong and beat it off. Since he can just let go so easily so can I and must be even better than him right?

    Sorry for venting here. A lonely person that have nobody to talk. Hope you don't mind I share here with you. Thanks and Sorry to you.

    1. Erm yes, we are in the same company. But I don't think it's a good thing to work in the same company leh.

      Sorry to hear about your story. But yes, you're right. You must live better and that's the best revenge, ever. No point thinking and crying over a man who doesn't cherish you. In order to find happiness, you need to start within yourself. Let go of all the sadness and have a brand new start.

    2. yup. Thanks! But do you think I should quit and leave the company? Hope you can give me some advice. Thanks.

    3. If you're not happy there, move on.


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