Saturday, October 10, 2015

Happy Children's Day

My 3 babies are sleeping very soundly beside me now. It's a tough day for me and B today, we had a huge fight, until I told him I wanted to leave him for good.

Sometimes, it's really not the "issue" that makes people fight, it's the "reaction" to it. A small matter can become a BIG one, due to wrong reaction/tone of voice. It's not that we don't love each other. It's becos we love each other too much, that's why we fought, cried, hugged & made up. 

Love is a tiring process. Commitment will leads to expectations. When there's expectation, there bound to be disappointments. True love only happens when two parties are fully committed. It's not easy, but worthwhile for sure. 

I've no idea what the future lies, I've no idea how will we ended up to be. But I'll continue loving this man, who loves me like a baby, for as long as I can. 

I hope it will be a fresh start for us after today. We will love all over again right, b? 

Because, it's Children's Day.

Took half day to bring them to eat, watch movie, buy another ergo school bag for Raeann & kinder surprise eggs for Meimei (yah, she's this easily contented!).

And then hor, she shared her eggs with Raeann. They both made a video together, inspired from YouTube. I watched and it's hilarious becos they tilted the iPad for it to stand, so all I can see is half of Raeann's face (sometimes), ceiling and fan with their voices behind. 


The movie is quite funny, worth watching, the two girls focused throughout the whole show! :)  

Be happy always, my dearest. Happy childhood makes happy adults. I cannot afford a luxury life, but I hope my presence will make up for everything. 

I insisted on an ergo bag for Raeann cos her bag is so heavy!!! All the lousy bags broke after awhile. I bought one for her birthday last year. And it was being thrown away after ONE MONTH. I was mad pissed becos that bag was (still) under warranty (for 3 years), it's not cheap & it was my birthday gift for her. 

I'm not one who only know how to shower gifts to my kids and throw them to others. I hesitated for a long time to buy that bag becos I'm thinking if it's a "want" or "need". Not that I'm stingy but I don't want to spoil them. If they "want" something, they should earn for it. Unless it's a "need", then it's my duty to give it to them. 

Someone from Carousell bought the last two pieces @ $50/pc today. So happy! Pictures really play a big part in online sales. 

Late dinner with B after collecting car. Misses those times when we can both sit down and have a good meal, talk everything under the sun & laugh at each other. It's not easy to achieve work-life-balance. 


  1. Hi babe, I can feel u too. My girl is also like that. Dunno how many have bags she had broke and have buy new bags and the cost is never cheap at all. Mind share how much u buy this bag? Have to buy new bag again? Is this the motherhood.

    1. Hi.. This bag is so cheap, I'm so happy I found it. $39.90 @ Westgate. Level 4 - Winning (Shop name)


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