Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How I sell car...

As I've mentioned before, I'm a total noob at selling cars and this is why...

I posted it on my FB! 

And to those who don't hate me and didn't block me and happened to see my post and is interested...

They will msg me.

And I'll be SO HONEST to tell them everything I know and don't know. Haha 

Yah, I really don't know how to count, and I don't bother to learn. For what? Selling cars is not my forte and job. Later people feel threatened by me again, becos I'm too smart? Lolol

Aiya, if people are really interested to buy, they will keep contacting me de. But if they don't, they will probably ask for fun only. I don't push nor pester at all. I'm like, "ai lai, mai sua" kind. 

If they trust me, they will buy lo. If they don't, I say until no saliva, they also won't buy.

Do note that I'm a bad sales. LOL
Anyway, yes, Honda Stream for sales now and here's the detail...
Honda Stream 1.8X A
May 2009 $61,888
Black colour
1 owner
Mileage 110kkm
Omv $21,680
Coe $9,180
Please contact me (9008 7688) for photos. Thank you. 
Anyway, those who are on my personal FB list would probably saw about my HDB woes status. I was really upset and affected, becos fuck, where am I supposed to find $47,117.93 CASH to pay them? Neither can I choose to forfeit the flat becos I've to pay 5% penalty and bloody hell, I waited so damn long for it. Only one word, I'm STUCK. And you know when's the collection date? 12 Oct, which means I'm given only one week to come out with $47K. They must have thought I owned a money printing machine at home.
Many friends msged me, offering suggestions etc. I'm thankful for that. I called up the person in charge already, she referred me to another dept. But I called 649172 times, nobody answered. So I dulan and went down to HDB personally. I clarified what I should, and sent in my appeal for higher loan amount. My keys collection date is being deferred to 30th Nov too.
It's just too illogical that my loan amount is SO LOW. If I've $47K to fork out, why would I apply for a BTO? So troublesome and waste of time.  
If my appeal is not successful, maybe I need to borrow $47K from LHL liao. Since he said that our HDB is so affordable, and people earning $1K can easily afford it. *roll two eyes*
But, to be very very honest, I'M TOTALLY NOT INTERESTED IN THAT FUCKING FLAT LAH. I took it becos of the kids. Becos I do not have any asset, and if I suddenly die one day, I don't have anything for them. So I'm torn between the choice of giving up and holding on. TMD. 
You know the fear of being a single mom? The fear of having nobody? And you just can't plan for anything ahead. A few friends asked when am I getting married again? I honestly have no idea how to answer them.
I dare not think nor dream about anything, for fear it will get shattered overnight.

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