Monday, October 5, 2015

How to deal with uncontented kids?

Since young, Raeann LOVES to compare and I believe, it's something in her, cannot be changed one. And becos she's lidat, she's forever not contented with what she has.

It like, whatever I do for her, will never be enough. She will tell me she hates me etc, and always compare me to her classmates' parents who are SAHM.

She will ask, "why XXX's mother can send her to school and pick her everyday?" "why XXX's mother can write comment on her handbook everyday?" Why this why that...

What why? Becos I've to work and earn money to support them and myself lah. Why don't she ask why she has all the things others don't have? Or why she has soooooo many requests in life? Or why is she so spoilt with all the material gadgets when I keep saying that she's too young to have them?

And made her so damn irritating to keep deliberately spoiling her own stuffs (her tuition teacher said she loves to cut her erasers into small pieces) cos somebody told her before, "nvm, spoil liao just buy new one".

She is, by no means, a bad kid. But she's a spoilt brat for sure. I honestly have no idea how to handle her, she drives people crazy, even my most patient mother.

I asked her, "why are you so irritating and CCK people still can stand you?" You guess her reply?

"Becos they are also lidat."


Disclaimer: I'm not saying that they're irritating. But different people has different up-bringing. What's irritating to us might be normal to them! And likewise, they might find us irritating too. *shrug* I don't really bother anyway.

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