Tuesday, October 13, 2015

It's a small small world!

Samantha, whom was a reader (and fellow mummy blogger) last time is one of our customer now. Her car dealership shop is just next to LBH showroom. 

Actually, I knew it quite long ago. But I didn't want to use the "relationship" to get business like that.
Then, I went to do my nails at Esther's the other day. We chit chat like nobody business (as usual) and I gotta know that the actress; Tracer Wong is her regular customer. She is also our customer.
Went down to have a little chat with her just now. She's a nice & friendly lady. 


These are what we have been up to. The concurrent coordinating works have been driving B and all the other bosses crazy. 

And once they are open, all of us will go crazy too. I seriously need a good holiday (massage, eat & shopping) first. 

My girl wants to start earning her own money today. She said she will massage for me - 30 mins package inclusive of head is $1.50. LOL

I told her to buy all her "wants" with her own money in future. I don't mind "paying" her, she needs to know that money doesn't comes easy. 

Actually, she's quite sweet when not doing homework, hahaha! She told Meimei, "mummy work so hard to provide for us, give me pocket money, pay this pay that, we should massage for her!"

Talking about her homework...

Walao! I really have no idea how to teach leh. I know how to do, but I don't know how to explain to make her understand. Tedious job!

Why so chim? This is like my p5 standard! Rulang ah Rulang. Can't believe I graduated from there! Hahaha 

I ordered something for my friend's newborn. BUT... I put my own address as recipient's address. I wondered why they never ask me to key in recipient's address huh? Then I realised. Tmd. Why I so blur?! Lol

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