Saturday, October 24, 2015

Memorable Surprise x Magic Comb

Promised a reader to do this review once the magic comb arrived. But it will be a quick one becos I just got back and busy unpacking...

Many lotions. Haha, COS ITS SO CHEAP CAN. I bought some for my mum too. The Lucido hair sprays cost like $2+ each ONLY. I love shopping at hypermarket, irregardless of country. (But poor B has to carry the heavy bag for me! Hahahaha) 

Back to the hugs and kisses of this little one. She said she misses me! Aww, we miss her too. 

The Surprise

Brought the flower back, but not the towel swans. :( 

I was made a happy woman by B yesterday. Totally unaware of all these arrangements. (I wore tee and shorts to the dinner and it's fine dining! -.-) But all the staffs were behaving so sneakingly. (Their service is really good!) 

We managed to eat a little snake amid the hectic working life. Thankful for that and thank you my baby for planning such a sweet and memorable surprise. 

And I hope you always stay the same, cause there's nothing 'bout you I would change. 
Stay The Same - the best thing I've heard in my entire life. 

Magic Comb

So, my magic comb arrived on Thursday! The shipping took quite some time, 7 days to be exact.

Got one for myself and the other two as gift for my friends. 

Click here -> if you're interested to buy! 

I put to the highest temperature to let it heat up first, then reduce to around 200C. 

Do note that it only works on DRY HAIR. Do not use it on wet hair. Something which I find quite troublesome. Like walao, where got time?! (Unless you're those who don't bathe in the morning, this is good for managing wake-up hair!) 


It will shows the temperature slowly going up...

Please be careful as it will get quite hot when it's heated up. 

Here's the result...

I've this natural wave hair which many people envied. Thick and volumised. But people who know me will know that I don't give a damn to my hair at all. It's messy everyday. I don't even have a proper parting. 

But you know ah, 乱中有行, hahaha! Meimei's hair is also very messy one, and she don't care too. 

Well, I doubt I'll use this often cos I still prefer my messy hair. And I'm lazy, I don't like to waste time on my hair. 

Maybe I'll sell or giveaway soon. 

Omg, I'm so tired! B woke me up at 5am!! He has to rush back to work. Very hardworking, I like! But I don't like it when his phone rings non-stop everyday. We don't even have time to sit down & talk leh. 

For the sake of B, I'm gonna start dieting from Monday onwards. Becos I don't want to look like a circle standing next to him, lolol! (He actually wants me to eat fatter!!! And tells me I'm perfect everytime! Duh!) 


  1. Hi, u mentioned that you intend sell the hair comb away... is it still available? I do not
    mind to buy it from you...

    1. I think u better buy through the link. I don't know how much to sell yet. Haha

  2. Thanks for the review. Yaloh where got time?? OMG where do you buy so many NIVEA products? Mind share? Regular user of NIVEA. Thanks!

    1. I bought it from Haze Land wor. Very cheap sia. The cream like S$2+ - $3+ each only.

  3. Hi how much you buy the NIVEA products at? Thanks

    1. I bought it from Haze Land wor. Very cheap sia. The cream like S$2+ - $3+ each only.

  4. Oh babe so happy for you. You have found your happiness ever after. Which hotel you staying in so romantic? Woohoo. Envy to max liao but only pretty girl like you deserve it all. Stay happy and blissfully.

  5. Hmmm do you mind share what app you using to display your photos together for The Surprise?


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