Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Storybooks Land

Today is Raeann's happy day. Becos...

One of my reader turned online friend gave all these to me!!! OMG, I saved soooooo much money! Thank you so much. 

On top of that... 

The two books Raeann asked me to order for her also arrived! Now, she can bring different books to school everyday. 

Elton is so amazingly CUTE!!! His eyes... OMG, 迷人! Babies 都好可爱! (I honestly got consider to be a baby-sitter before!)

My bag has new "toy" again! The previous one dropped at Batam! :( 

I customised another one for Esther's new birkin as her birthday present. I waited soooo long for it! Seller is a nice lady lah, she didn't flare up when I keep chasing her everyday, but she sounded angry though. To be fair hor, I waited almost 3 weeks leh. Good things are worth waiting for. I LOVE IT! 
Edited: Esther loves it too! =D

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