Friday, October 16, 2015

The secret to look younger is...


As minimal as possible. It's true. Thick and long (like fan) lashes is no longer in trend.
In fact, I don't really doll up to work now. Becos my baby don't like it, he doesn't like any man to even look at me. He wants me to look like shit, so I only belong to him, him, and only him. But little did he realise that, even IF I look like Miss Universe, I also belong to him, him and only him. He should be proud if someone thinks his gf is pretty, no?

I don't know, we see this issue differently. Becos there are aunties/butch who are interested in him too, and what I told him is, "ask them to queue up and wait long long please, you're mine." LOL

Insecure? Yes, I am. Cos afterall, I'm already a mum of two, there are so many girls outside, prettier, younger and single. But I tried not to think too much. And of cos, he's trying his best to give me assurance. But sometimes, you know, woman lah. As and when need to sayang sayang abit mah.

We always argue becos of others and we realised that's the most stupid thing to do. He SHOULD trust me, and I SHOULD trust him. If there's no trust, there is no meaning to go on.

Anyway, there's a reader who has been asking me to do a makeup post/tutorial. But I've been rejecting her becos I don't know how to do a video. And lately, I'm too busy to even take a selfie!

[S$31.18][VDL] M101 CC Cream SPF25 PA 40ml
I've been using this for years and still using it. This is the cheapest I found in Qoo10 (includes shipping), VDL boutique (SG) is selling at $52 per tube. So this is worth, very worth. I don't even bother to try out other brand CC cream becos I love this. It's so light that you don't even feel like you've applied something. #donsayIneversharehar
My makeup steps are very simple...
Sunblock -> VDL CC Cream -> Loose Powder
Eyeshadow (not obvious) -> Eyeliner
I don't put a lot of makeup. B loves my RAW face, without any makeup. Actually, most men prefer woman without makeup hor?


  1. Hi babe, you are natural even with light makeup. Have you ever rebond your hair? Hmm... have you heard of this straightening brush? This is the link:

    Do you think can trust to buy? Hope you can advise. Thank you so much!

    1. I used to rebond, but haven't done so for a few years. Oh yes, I bought 3, waiting for their arrival and give a review. :)

    2. They are on the way to me already. U wanna wait for me to try it first before u buy? :)

    3. Yes. babe. Thanks. By the way how much you buy at? Share your link?


    5. Thanks babe. Will you be doing a review of the magic hair comb in your blog? So I'll be waiting for you to try first before I buy ok? Thanks so much. So have you received yet?

    6. Not yet. Probably within these 2 days. Shipping kinda long. But I'll be out of SG today till Sat.

  2. How do you apply your cc cream? Pat with your fingers or use sponge to apply?

    1. I used my fingers and palm, spread it on my whole face.


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