Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's the fastest way to slim down?

Anyone knows? Teach me leh. Dieting seems so hard after I knew B. We both put on about 5kg each!!! But he used to be underweight, so now he's just nice. And I became overweight. FML

You know what's worse? No motivation but plenty of temptations, knn.

Like now, while typing this... But I feel bored after awhile. Haiz (B laughed like crazy when I told him I moved out this bicycle! -.- I don't know what's so funny?) 

B has been feeding and feeding and feeding me, since the first day we got together. 

Whatever I say I want to eat, he will bring me, last time. Now, seldom, becos we are both very busy, but he will pack like $10 zhap chai bng/noodle/whatever he can think of + a soup (I love soup!) for me every meal. He honestly think that I'm perfect, not fat.

He gets upset when I refused to eat. Haha! Don't know what's he thinking leh.

Breakfast for two. It's not a buffet.
This, cost only S$0.68 per meal. Like wtf? Mission impossible in SG. 

Sometimes, we tried to bluff ourselves that eating more vegetable can slim down. I eat a lot of vege everyday, but I still grow fat.

Favourite bakso soup until I knew it's beef (some)... Not that I'm being stopped from eating beef (religion), but I really dislike the taste of beef. 

Oh, and the room service the night before cos we were too tired to do anything. 

And the list goes on, and on, and on, and on...


If only I can be like her... Eat and eat and eat, cannot be bothered at all, proudly tells everyone that she's fat. Hahaha 


  1. Hi babe, do you still want to buy exercise equipment? I have some exercise equipment for sale, see if you like at this link:
    Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

    1. Will check it out when I'm free. Lately very busy!! Work die me!

    2. Have you check it out? Anything you like?? Can negotiable the price just for you?


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