Sunday, November 1, 2015


Not a movie fanatic but a real sucker for such Chinese love movie. Just like 那些年,我们一起追过的女孩, I watched about 2643859 times and still didn't get sick of it, lol.
Went for this movie last evening. Raeann sobbed crazily (got a shock cos walao she's only 8 leh, watch movie and cry so badly, haha), I sobbed abit, lol. Meimei was, haiz, so anti-climate. When everyone was starting to get emo, she asked, '"can we go home now? This show is so boring."  "Is it going to end soon?" etc etc. B kept laughing at us!!!
Actually, this movie didn't let me have any flashback or recollection. Nothing of such happened to me before. I sobbed cos I was touched by what the man did for her, secretly.   
Now, I'm totally addicted to this song. I want to learn how to sing!
Going for some wine now. Till then.

I've two very weird daughters. One dressed herself up with plenty of (plastic) jewelleries, another one combing her hair like rockstar now.

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