Thursday, November 26, 2015


Finally made the FIRST trip to our new house last Sunday morning. Becos I'm a pure Taoist, I believe in praying before doing anything, be it renovation or moving in.

I'm blessed to have my mum to help me with the praying cos I know nuts about it. Feel so surreal, I'm suddenly a house owner. But I'm probably the first not-very-excited house owner. 

Whenever people say or ask about the house, my typical answers will be "随便啦" or "ok lor". My friends advised me to check for defects, I asked B to help me.

The one and only thing I noticed is, THE ROOMS ARE FREAKING SMALL. The master bedroom is crap, it doesn't looks like a master bedroom at all. The toilets look big though! -.- Big enough to fit a bathtub, I think. 

Tell you all a personal secret. I prefer dark & cozy home. I don't like bright bright, so I don't like white color walls. Then I came across these on Hipvan yesterday...

Feeling of fear... Huh...

Hahaha ok red then!

Purple for kids' room? 

Orange is out, cos I'm not very skinny. 

Yellow seems the best!

No comment.

No offence but I really really hate green! But according to the Fengshui, green color brings me luck.

My block is painted in green. Meimei don't know where is the location of our new house, she always say "green color house". 

So, what's the next step? I haven't start my utilities yet! I need to ask for the list of qualified contractors. Where can I get the licence for hacking the walls? Walao. It's tmd 麻烦. 

Thank god for him. 

The man who loves me like a baby...

Who has an unique mind of his own. One who always insist his own way when he thinks is right even when the whole world misunderstand or go against him. Can't deny that some decisions he made are brilliant, but some, I don't really agree. However, I still supported him.

Unlike me, he's not a reactive person (only reactive to nonsense like, people looking at me, lol), he knows when to strike, when to lie low, when to be nice & when not to, etc. Many times, I can't understand what's he thinking or doing, and he don't explain, so we ended up in arguments. 

Me; given my strong personality, I'm not easy to handle, I know. My character is such that, even if I don't agree, at least you have to make me understand, else I won't do it willingly or probably won't even do it at all.

I'm definitely not a 小女人 lah! 


  1. Is this Blk 636 Senja road?
    Woman murdered Husband in the flat just two months ago..


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