Monday, November 16, 2015

Check and Cheques

Suddenly, I've become a "check" aka "cheque" queen. This become my favourite app for the past few days...

I login like 20 times per day to trace cheques. Not only that, I've turned my appointment chart into a cheque chart.

Becos we issued more than $100k of cheques out for the expansion. And we have more than $50k of payments yet to collect. So everyday, we have to keep track of the fund closely. 

Sorry, I don't like this job. It's very taxing and stressful. No payment = stress. Payment comes in = also stress cos have to make sure the fund is carefully utilised. 

But ever since I helped to check, B seems to be happier (and we've lesser arguments too). You know lah, MEN, how disorganised can they be. And I realised, most men doesn't have urgency when it comes to financial management. I scolded him that day. Lol

Not that I'm a pro in managing such (my mum is), but I think I'm more organised and detailed than him. I traced every single thing including unpaid invoices and payment. 

It's getting better though, and I know it will get better as days passed. EAC will definitely grow, stronger and stronger each day. In fact, our market has already widen up a lot. 

That's precisely why I've MORE work to do now. I'm not complaining hor.
Btw, Raeann managed to get promoted to P3. Phew! She said she's going to the 2nd last class next year. I was like, "oh ok, thank god u still can go P3". Her results are so horrible till I've no eyes to see. She's not stupid but just EXTREMELY lazy. 
Frankly speaking, her performance in school is totally different from how she is at home. Her teacher keeps in touch with me quite often. And every single time, she said that she's a pleasure to teach.
I will be like, "huh, are you serious?" I'm not doubting my own daughter but I simply know her too well. But I know she loves and respect this current form teacher a lot, so it could be the reason why. I sent her teacher a "thank you" message earlier. I'm grateful, very. 

I hope she can buck up as she grows older, it's for her own sake and not anyone else. I don't ask for much, just a "passed" will do lah. 

I don't need her to get good grades or top in her class/school. I'm not at all pushy or kiasu when it comes to this. I don't compare, and don't believe in having good grades or being a top student will guranteed you a bright & happy future. I'd rather she be average, simple, kind and happy.  


  1. Actually there's no more retaining for students in primary school anymore unless the child's attendance is like 10% or 20% for the whole year.

    First you need to get Reanne to do her 听写 properly. If she didn't pass her end of year paper, it means there are a lot of words she dunno how to read and write. The form teacher is probably teaching her English and Math so she can't really comment much on her Chinese

    Next get her to read English books every night and ask her to tell you the story after she's done with the book. If she don't read, then don't sleep. The children at her age are reading Thea Stilton or Geronimo Stilton which you can easily get from any library. Once she pick up the habit of reading, it's not really necessary for her to do English assessments

    Of coz we want the children to grow up kind and happy. But there's a high chance the children will go astray when they cannot perform in sch. It often happens when they cross over to secondary schools. They lost interest in studies because they know they cannot perform. That's when they start to occupy themselves with activities outside the sch. Then the teenage problems start to kick in.

    The harder for u to handle Reanne, the easier for u to handle Meimei. If the two siblings are of the same sex. There will be one that's difficult to handle. Meimei will be very hardworking in future, you need not have to worry for her

    1. Hi, thank you for your comment and sorry for the late reply. Yes, you're right, her English and Maths teacher is the same teacher, who is also her form teacher. I guess a good teacher is very important in this case.

      She has plenty of story books. She will request us to buy books for her or she borrow it from the library herself. Problem is, she said she read it in school which I have no idea how to test her unless I read the story book myself.

      It's really not easy to handle kids now. I really salute all the teachers.


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