Monday, November 23, 2015

Crazily in love with...

THIS. No joke, I can finish one big pack in 2 hours. Very very additive. And thus...

I bought this!!! The very FIRST thing I buy for my new house; a cushion. Heehee

It's so cute, I cannot resist lah! 看了都想吃! *slurp*

I'm also very in love with this fatty! Even my mum also said she's fat, becos all her clothes become so tight/short, hahahaha!

It's blurred cos it's a quick shot. She's too fat to stand on one leg, cannot balance you know you know! LOL

Despite being called "fatty", she totally cannot be bothered, still continue eating as and when she likes. 

But I think I need to control her diet liao. This cannot go on. She will regret in future if she 一发不可收拾.

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