Friday, November 6, 2015

Going insane to stay sane!

Everyone's soul don't know go where liao. I've never been this stress in my entire life. Working here made me older. There are new things to do, think & worry about everyday. That feeling... I have no word to describe at all. 

I do understand that every job has their own different kind of stress. But "this" is not the type of stress I wish to cope. It's a killer. 
My poor baby is facing 100x more stress than me! :( Everyone and everything is pouring on him. 
You know the problem when there are too many (wrong) decision makers and people who only know how to complain. Sigh
All in all, I feel that not everyone has the ability to be a leader. A leader must use brain more than mouth. A leader needs to know how to prioritise and solve problems. A leader cannot be nice to everyone, end up landing the company into trouble. A leader must know when to take a risk and when not to. A leader cannot beg employees or customers. A leader must have that "air" to let people trust and respect you.

I miss the old us in fact. The not so exhausted & lesser worries us. The us who have breakfast every morning. The us who are so loving that everyone envied. 

I seriously hope this will be over soon. 

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