Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I wish you well.

These few days have been really exhausting, having to trace ALL the invoices (which is like 100++ of them), complete their SOA, chase for payments & going down to meet them to tally and clarify one by one.

All becos we met a great guy, who created packs of lies. Not gonna name him nor elaborate much. But I'm still in shock, literally. I've never met such a great liar before. It's so scary. 

But if he think he's doing the right thing and he can sleep well at night, I rest my case. 


Every customers ought to know this please. If you want it fast, we will ONLY rectify what you want us to do. The rest of the parts we won't do or touch. But if you come back another day, there will be another bill. (That's what others do, isn't it?) 

But if you want the overall to be good and safe, then please don't rush us. Becos, you are not the only customer leh. 

And if you think we're too expensive, then don't come to us. We only charge what we do. (We have many customers who came to us eventually, saying they went other workshop to change this and that, but when we took out, it's all old and worn out. If you get what I mean.) 

Some cars are able to use OEM parts, some cars are not. Becos when you use OEM, it will only solve the problem temporary, and it will lead to damages of other parts. (Therefore another bill?) 

We will make sure the car is okay before handover. If you come back the next day with the same problem, we will do it FOC. 

If you happened to passby both our garages, you will see we are packed with cars everyday. We don't wish to see you always leh. 

And if your car is under our warranty, the more we want it to be safe and sound, for your sake, also for our own sake. 

Truth to be told, garage is NOT our main core of business. We opened garages to serve our customers. We don't depend on garage sales to survive, so there's no need for us to cheat you with this little amount of money. 

Sometimes, I felt we're being too honest, and people want to take advantage. Haiz

It's like, you tried to help people save money for the long run, but they blamed you for being the bad guy instead. 好人难做! (Some people probably love to visit workshop and pay every month!)

We have encountered our warranty customers going to other workshop, and upon hearing they are under our warranty, instead of retifying their small problem, they advised them to "damage" it. BECOS ITS UNDER WARRANTY MAH. So it's okay. Not they pay what. 

Really? Is this the way to do business? By deliberately ruining others, so your business will get better? HA. Karma dude. 

That's why one of our clause is, "warranty can be voided if you choose to go other workshop." (It all depends on our mood and your attitude!) You may be smart, but we are not stupid. 

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