Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My pretty little girl...

Who doesn't look, behave and talk like a 4 years old, and is becoming a fatty, I'm indeed blessed to have you. Though you're so fierce & irritating sometimes, but your cheerful character and full of nonsense never failed to cheer people up!

Everybody loves her. But I'm not gonna praise her too much if not people will say I'm bias. In fact, I am not. 

B knows. He said I'm more patient and tolerant towards Raeann, but she's always pushing me to my limit. 

Meimei, on the contrary, she listens. So there's no reason for me to scold her? When she didn't, I lectured her too. 

Raeann always complain that I'm unfair. But little does she knows that, Meimei is the one I'm being unfair to. Raeann received so much more than her since birth. 

Till date, Meimei only travelled once, by plane. She doesn't have much toys/books, and is always playing with what Raeann threw aside, but she's mad happy and contented with it already. She wanted to learn music, but I don't dare to commit her cos of money & time. (I'm spending half of my salary to pay for all their things now.) 

But never once she complains or say I'm unfair. Probably she doesn't know yet lah. But I think she will understand if she knows.

I'll try to send them to music classes next year. Raeann is being grounded now, she can do her revision and assessment books, watch abit of TV, play some activities, but NO IPAD during her school holiday. No outing until December. I'm planning some programs for her in December, things she will love to do. 

Truth to be told, I love them both the same. And I'm trying very hard to play the role of a father and mother at the same time. It's tiring. 


  1. Hugs. U r doing a great job in playing both roles. Do within ur means. They will understand

  2. You have done a good job handling two kids. Even I can't do any better than you when I only have 1 to take care of. But always being said I'm bad at it. My child even love being take care by others than being with me. Am I a failure mummy? When you are so much better still have someone that love and encourage you when mine only will say all my bad. Whatever I do is all being blames.

    1. Don't say that. I also always get blamed. But aiya, those people who comment a lot are usually those whose life is more complicated than us. Just don't care lor. You know you have done your best, can liao.


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