Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Someone received her test result and is apparently VERY HAPPY about it.

Math: 79/100 
English: 11.5/25 (and she said failed by half mark only what!) 
Chinese: 5.5/40 (simply cannot be bothered at all.) 

And so, I'm banning her from iPad from today onwards. No iPad throughout the whole holiday. I kept it already. 

Her tutor also don't know what to do with her liao. Too fierce, she rebel. Too nice, she bargain. Read the conversation below...

Her attitude and mindset are totally wrong! She thinks that people will forever be around to help and protect her. She thinks that people will tolerate all her nonsense forever. It's crap.

Yes, I might be busy at work now. But I do monitor her. I chat and discuss with her tutor often, on how to deal with her. You see, she's those who chut many many many patterns when it comes to studying. So we need to come up with even more ideas.  

It's really stressful to have such a kid, I ran out of idea to deal with her already. She has no idea how she made others' life so difficult. Becos of her, I always get blamed for being a bad mother, no matter how much effort I put in. 

I actually put in more effort on her than Meimei. I don't have the time and energy to bring Meimei for piano or other enrichment classes at all, but she has them all. However, she doesn't cherish, gave up everything halfway. It's very tiring to bring her to all these classes. She will cry, whine and fuss around when she started to get bored of the lesson. 

I knew the divorce has somehow affected her life. That's why I've been extra tolerant towards her.

I don't give a damn to what people think or say about me though, as long as they don't say nonsense to my kids. But I'll get so affected when she don't appreciates what I/others do for her. She takes everyone & everything for granted. 

Sorry, but nobody owed you a living, my dear. People tolerated and nagged at you becos they love and care for you. Love is not giving you whatever you want. Love is disciplining & guiding you to be a proper person. If you're going to carry this attitude & mindset forever, you will suffer in future. 

No, she's not a bad kid, and I still love her very much. She can be real sensible, nice and good at times. But when she's not, she really gets on people's nerves.


  1. She's definitely a very young tutor 😳

  2. Joanne, maybe try to bring her to a psychologist?

    1. Hi, do you know of anywhere I can bring her to see psychologist?

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