Saturday, October 31, 2015

The brave little vainpot can wear earrings now!

Meimei finally got her ears pierced today. She has been saying that she wants to do it, but always backed out after hearing people said its pain. But I know given her character and courage, she can one.

Becos, 1) she's vain & 2) her threshold of pain is very very high. In fact, she never cry during any of her injections when she was a baby. She seldom cry. She's very brave.
I had my years pierced only at 7 years old and she, 4 years old. She knows what's happening but during the whole process, she looked super relax.

Thank god she was sooooo relax, I managed to capture photos and video of the process. (I was alone! If she cry, I'll need to pacify her & won't be able to capture anything!)

She said, "I want this diamond earring. I'm very sure." Hahaha


She did say it's pain and almost tear (but didn't), but after seeing herself in the mirror, she went happy like crazy. And after that, she showed it to everyone (even restaurant waitress, lol), so excitedly.

We reached home 25 mins ago and she looked at the mirror about 7 times already. Hahaha

Oh, and her jiejie hor, hiding behind all the time and die die refused to pierce. Lol! She said she's scared.  

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