Thursday, November 19, 2015

Walk-in Wardrobe

THIS.IS.PERFECT. I want a room to be converted to this. All the clothes, bags etc will be in it. And there will be a door connected from my room to this room. 

And this will be in the middle of my room and the kids' room. YES, I want them to share a room, becos they are sisters. I don't want them to have a room each at young age, which resulted each to lock inside their own room without talking to each other. 

And becos they don't need a wardrobe inside their room, they will have enough space each. 

Anyway, both of them love to sleep and squeeze with me so much, they will end up in my room for the first few years. 

It's not gonna be an easy job cos it requires hacking and such. And have to search for everything from scratch. Tiles... Doors... Wallpaper... Cabinets... etc etc! 

I'm blessed to have him around, to help me to think, search, decide & coordinate. I know nuts about renovation and I do not have any idea in mind. All along, I only want a walk-in wardrobe and the rest, I don't really care.

In fact, I don't even know how to see the floor plan and I've NEVER been there yet. Haha 

On choosing something... 

Me: Aiya, u always say the thing/design I choose sucks. 

Him: Yah. I'm better. You see I choose you, and you choose me. 

Me: Oh yah hor. Yah yah yah. 



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