Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Covered & Flat

Telling PY the other day, "when I open my wardrobe, all I can see are only work tops and jeans", becos that's the safest attire whereby I won't get nagged. (Have already bid goodbye to most of my dresses and skirts!)

Not only that, even my feets are covered up as well.

Heels? Nope. 

Loafers and sport shoes. Duh

I've changed, all my dressing. 

Bought so many covered shoes lately. Onisuka Tiger 1 month ago and today...

This. (Super soft and comfy! And I'm getting one for B too since its unisex!) Thanks Jane for helping me to find and buy at staff price! Blessed with nice friends! :) 

I miss dressing up. But when I dress up, B will be unhappy. Weird right? Sigh
Love is, growing fat together. And forever telling me I'm perfect. Nice. 

Sometimes, his domineering and over possessive character make me very frustrated. But when I calm down and see the whole picture, I know he loves me. His love is not via words, but via actions. He spent all his free time on/with me. And he's those, "Joanne not going so I also not going" even when I never stop him from going out. He don't go out, not becos I don't allow, is cos he don't want to. His best friend forever is actually his bed.
That's why no matter how unreasonable he gets, I give in. Becos he did a lot for me. I know and I appreciate. 

All fans and lights will be up by tomorrow. Happy to see progress amid the mess.
Grille at service yard up too. Issit weird not to have window? Haha 

You know ah, I spent about $600 on shelving, racks & displays liao. I think I bought too many, till I've no idea where to put...
Have been racking my brain on it, lol. I ordered first cos TB takes one freaking month to ship over! Can't really remember what I bought liao. 

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy birthday my most precious mummy. Initially planned to go for a staycation but it was cancelled due to Bubble's condition. And I think, it's one of the best decision ever. 

Today; 27th is her actual day.
Everyone's around, and happy! Even Bubble...

Was feeling a little giddy and nuasea after buying food today and my very concerned daughter went to stick this thing on my head. She has been finding chance to play with this thing.

She's cute, damn cute, but getting a little out of hand. I beat her hand for being rude to Mary, she said she wants to magic me into a frog. 

B laughed. In fact, he has so much soft spots for her that no matter what she do, he laugh. 

I really appreciate him for putting in so much effort on me, us & my family. 
Even though he's soooooo unreasonable most of the time, but he really dotes on me lah, giving in to almost all my requests. 

Walao, I keep buying all the small small nonsense leh. Like towel rack lah, chopping board lah, makeup brush & cotton swab holders lah & etc etc etc. 
It's so chio and I'm buying both sizes. A X'mas gift from him. LOVE IT. 

You won't believe what I'm doing NOW. Msging Jeanelle for all my TB loots. She helping me to see it one by one, omg.


Saturday, December 26, 2015

Not very optimistic...

As much as it's not easy to take care of unwell Bubble now, it's even harder (and very torturing) to see her suffering in pain. She used to be such an active and greedy dog. But now, even though she still responses to her leash and gets very excited when we want to walk her, but sometimes, she's too pain to even walk. And she rejected all kind of food today.

Now, she has to do her kidney dialysis & takes 4 different types of medicine day and night daily. She hated it and got very aggressive when we force fed (which is instructed by vet) her till she bited. 

SHE NEVER BITE ANYONE BEFORE. Never. She's really nice and adorable and she loves the kids. The pain has caused her so much misery till she loses her mind and in tears everyday. 

Our emotion is like a roller coaster ride. Like yesterday, she was better after we brought her to the TCM for an acupuncture. But today, she worsen.

Had to "pacify" her to take her food cos I really don't know to force feed her. So I used "walk" to "exchange" terms with her. Had to bring her to walk twice this morning...


Then she finally ate some. I know using soft approach is probably the dumbest way, but I've never used force, or hit her before for the past 9+ years, no matter what she did (like deliberately shitting and peeing on my carpet).

The only regret I have is probably taking her presence for granted, thinking that she won't leave us so fast.

Seeing her photos made me tear, seeing her in pain made me tear more. She's so pain till she can't even bark now.

I think she's just hanging on everyday, just to spend more time with us, for as long as she can. Especially my mum, they are very close.

Bubblelooooooo, it's not easy to accept the fact that you will leave us very soon, but no matter where you are, I hope you can be happy & free of pain.
I miss her ringing sound when she walk and ran up & down the stairs last time. It's like we know, she's here. Bubble, can you go & scratch on Mummy's door again? :'(

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Just got home and feel a little emo cos usually when I open the gate, bubble will bark or dash out. But she's feeling so weak now, after her discharge. She's so tired cos she didn't sleep well for the past two days. So poor thing! :(

We decided to seek for 2nd opinion. Still considering to bring her to another well known doc or TCM (now then I know animals also got TCM).

Home is still the best place to be. But I believe she will get well, she will. 

And oh, no, I didn't went out to play. I went to my bro's place around 10pm to help out with Anders then went to pick my dad home. 
Cheeky boy refused to sleep, lol. And he kept playing and playing, laughing and laughing. 
This morning with Raeann cos she played with my hair for 30 mins, saying she wants to learn how to do pleats. So I just sit there and let her mess my hair up.

So sleepy now. Good night world.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Positive positive!

Can't deny that all the happenings lately has dampen so much of my (and everyone) mood.

The house is stuck, with undone tiles. Tiler disappeared and unable to find a good and affordable one to take over, yet. All the plans (carpentry etc) has to be delayed. 

Met up with the carpenters today, for the kitchen. B revealed abit of his plan. Okay, it meant to be a "surprise" so it means, I know nothing of my house theme and design. 

But becos I know nothing, I cannot plan or buy other stuffs as well. I'm only in charge of the kids room, which we have already settled 3/4 of it. Bought their beds already. He carried all alone again. Haiz 

Then he suddenly decided to paint too. 
So I lent him a helping hand. Hahahaha (I did help to paint all the edges ok!)

I'm so excited to show the kids their new room. I bet they will love it.

He said "ask you to help but you always 越帮越忙." LOL
But when I said I want to go home first, he find excuses to make me stay. I said, "want me to accompany you then say lah, feel bored without me right?" 
He said cos he's a man, he cannot say things lidat. Hahaha so silly. Don't understand all the egoistic! 
It's funny how we always made up suddenly after a big fight. Nowadays, our fights don't last more than 2 hours. 
You know what I like most? 

The sudden or goodbye hug he gives and whisper "I love you" to me. Which he seldoms do that now cos HE IS A MAN. Haha

I hope he reads this and do it more often. 

On a big shopping spree now. It's quite shiok to just buy and buy and buy, for the house. I have to buy them lah, sooner or later.

Most satisfied purchase as of now is this 55" TV, even though is a display set. Aiya who cares! I seldom watch TV also. Initial plan was 32" remember? Then B bargained till 42", we managed to buy a 55" now! Also gotten a fridge, becos carpenter needs the measurements. 

Stay positive! The house will be completed soon & Bubble will be well again. 

Monday, December 21, 2015

Bubble The Fighter


We.broke.down. Seeing her in pain break us down. Hearing that she has cancer break us down. Putting her under observation break us down. We don't know what to do except breaking down. Crying hysterically when we know it's the most important time to be strong and let her spend her last days with us, happy. 

Sorry bubble, for not paying much attention to you. For thinking you're probably old already cos you walk so slow, not knowing that you're in such a great pain. For letting you suffer in silent. For taking your presence for granted.

Now, probably, spending a lot of money can't even cure you now. We will pray for miracle to happen. Please be well. 

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bubble, get well soon.

Am not an avid pet lover, but I don't dislike animals. I just don't like to have them as pets becos I hate the feeling when they are unwell or dying.

Bubble is very unwell now. 

It's such a shame to admit that I've never been attentive to her since I've kids. 

Seeing how unwell she is now, I started to have fear of her leaving us. 

I cried, when I see her barely have any energy left. She didn't eat or drink since yesterday. And she's so strengthless till she can't even lift up her head.

I tried feeding her with some water and was so happy that she finally decided to drink. Then I tried feeding her some bread becos bread has been her favourite since young.

Peeled little pieces and soaked them with water and she finally ate. 

Dearest Bubble, please get well soon alright. You will definitely be well again, right? You will stay with us for another many years, right?

Seeing her from baby to now, she has difficulty in walking, it's really depressing. 9 x 7 = 63, she's so old already. 

You must recover ok? I want to bring you to my new house! 

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Renovation hiccup!

The problem with engaging sub-con, they disappeared after getting money, leaving their job HALFWAY. CCB

B was very angry, but yet he looked so calm, his reaction scared me. I don't dare to say anything when he said that he wanted to complete the tiles himself, even though I was quite skeptical about it. (He's just like my father. Better keep very quiet when the situation is not right. The more I talk/suggest, the more trouble I'll have, lol.)

But he has proven that he can do it. Haha! So proud of my handy man. At the same time, I'm so scare of him too. Cos whatever I say I want to buy (like kids' beds), he will say "very easy to do only, I do myself". 

I know he can do, no doubt about that. But it will bored die me cos I've to sit around and accompany him. I feel bad leaving him alone to do.

Lights and fans arrived, aircon up too. The door frame look so sucks, hahaha!

Now now, I told him I'm very sick of this reno thing liao. I'm a very impatient person, I don't like to see things progressing bit by bit daily. 

I asked him to engage someone to take over and do everything once and for all, a trustable one of cos. 

Also decided to change away the toilets cos they look so "out" and "chui". I want to change them into resort or hotel style. Might as well lah. Just get everything done at once. 

It's 3.12am now. I've no idea why I suddenly wake up and can't get back to sleep. I think I'm feeling too stressed, over this stupid reno.

After some serious calculation, I'd probably have to fork out about $15k (I hope there won't be more) and that haven't include any appliances and furniture.

The rest are covered by B, like walk-in wardrobe, master bedroom bed, window ledges & TV consoles carpentry plus some labours & etc. Which I've no idea how much they costed altogether, yet. 

The cost just keep adding, many of them are kinda unexpected. The whole reno (only) probably cost close to $28k. Saved about $15+k lor! The normal quotation for the things we wanted with an ID will be around $40+k cos I've no floor and doors!!! 

So people, think thrice before opting out from HDB tiles and doors. Even though there are many negative feedbacks about their poor quality etc, but it can save you a lot of trouble and reno cost, unless you're already mentally (and financially) prepared for it. 

Becos when doing reno time, you will not choose the cheapest way of doing. Cos cheapest way is the most simple and ugly. Trust me. You will suddenly think "maybe I can add this, this and this, might as well lah", cos afterall, it's your own flat, you will want it as cozy as possible. 

Like I said, it's either you don't do, or you do it nicely, you won't allow it to be half fucked even when you have to throw in all your money! 

It will be worse if you've a cannot be bothered attitude, like me. I don't know what I want and I don't bother to source the cheapest one by one. 

I'll only tell B, "ok, I'll fork out $XXXX max for blah blah blah, you decide what you want to do" and he will go and think about it. LOL

Somehow I felt I'm so man can cos usually, women have many ideas and comments about their home reno one. 

Thursday, December 17, 2015

More interesting than stock market!

Wow, EAC's page garnered more than 220 new likes overnight. I kept receiving notifications, so shocked but fun and exciting to monitor it. Hahaha

Becos we launched an impromptu X'mas giveaway, it was unplanned, I suddenly thought of it. Didn't expect the overwhelming responses too. Thanks to people who shared, and their friends shared, and shared and shared. 

Hey, the season of giving is here! Stand a chance to win $100 Takashimaya vouchers from us now! Simply "Like" and "...
Posted by Exclusive Automobile Club on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

You may also wish to join in the fun? LOL. Shall ask the boss to decide how to choose the winner. Those who didn't win, don't be disappointed, cos I've thought of something else for you guys too. Well, it's the season of giving, isn't it? You happy, I happy, everyone happy.  

I took the above photo with the backdrop and my phone. Nice hor? Actually, I'm really interested in photography. Perhaps, it's time to get a new camera.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I'll be posting all the "milestones" of the flat on my FB, the transformation from bare to home. Becos I'm very lazy to upload all the photos here. However, it's only visible to friends. 

My FB is kinda "clean" cos I don't anyhow add people. Not interested to make new friends so don't have to add me, unless I know you personally. But, I don't add colleagues, customers & suppliers too. It's better to draw a clear line, B doesn't like it too. I deleted away more than 400+ requests already. God knows who are they. I don't see the need to anyhow add people just to boost my friends list. 
Finally see some result today. For the past 5 days, to save haulage, B has to carry up more than 40,000kgs of cements/tiles alone. He said he become fitter, but also fall sick liao. Poor B! 

And it's just the beginning. Duh 

Went to "top up" the tiles today. We try to save by engaging different contractors, sourcing & buying all the materials ourselves, plus some carpentry DIY by B. He actually wanted to do the tiles himself sial. He thought he's superman I think. 

I'm counting down to the day when it's all completed. Shifting in or not, I don't know yet. I'm just too exhausted to think about anything now. 

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Setting up a home...

Is fun. But physically & mentally tired and worst of all, a huge hole in the pocket.

We are already using the lowest budget to make the most comfy home (in our opinion). A home built up with our own hands, hard work and sweat, that's why it's damn shiong.

I guess, every couple fight when it comes to setting up a home (mainly due to money). We too. However, we only have one thing in mind, which is to do up the most cozy home of ours. Its a lovely albeit tedious process. I hate it though. I told B that I hope the time will fast forward, I hope everything will be done when I wake up tomorrow. Hahaha 

Browsing through ikea catalogue now. (TB, Qoo10, Daiso and ikea are my best friends now.) Marked down a few items I want to buy after cleaning up. Finally found the shoe cabinet of the best size to fit into the "hole". I'm fussy about leaving big space in between. Really happy to have found one that suits the height, length and width. And it's cheap!!! Yay! 

Also found the best bed for the kids. And I drew this...

Trying to explain to B how I want to place the furniture. He can understand leh, I'm such a genius in explaining. Lolol!

#truestory He's really watching over me every minute, except when I'm at home. And I think he feels uneasy not seeing my pretty face. Cos he asked me to bring a stool, sit there and just watch him work. Erm.

Having a simple meal at hawker centre together makes him very happy. (Actually me too!) He said is simple happiness, which I agree! (We always eat at hawker, I love hawker food! Cheap & good!) 
2nd day of tiling. Living room and common corridor almost done. They started on the kids' room today. 

There are still many many many things to do. I'm dying, B too. But luckily, I've found helpers to clean up the house liao. Phew! 有些钱是不能省的. 有钱没命花, 不是更浪费! 

Talking about this, my parents are back from Malacca yesterday, with a heavy heart. Aunty could have been saved. All becos she refused to take medicine & go back to hospital when she relapsed, she thought she will be okay soon. 

You know the thing about most women, especially those after having kids? We tend to neglect our own health. Not in terms about eating healthy etc, but we always think that we can self cure with leftover medicines. I'm lidat too. 

I must remind myself not to do that again and be more cautious, for the sake of people who love me, and people I love. 

Monday, December 14, 2015

Submissive :: Capability

While showering earlier, I suddenly recalled what one of my cousin told me before. Long story short, she's very capable and I once asked her, "you don't feel like getting married ah?"

Her reply, "if I want to get married, of cos I've to find someone more capable than me. If not, I'll have to look after him all my life." 

True. It's not about money, it's about capabilities. 

In order for a woman to submit herself to a man, that man must be more capable than her, and able to do things she can't do. 

For example: If now, I don't work, don't have a driving license & don't own a car, I'll probably have to "depend" on a man who can provide me with them. 

A husband's greatest failure is to let his own woman to become more capable and stronger each day and to let her felt that "she's better off alone". 

I've been forced to learn a lot throughout the last 8 years. To the extend, I've no idea what and who can I depend on.

Instead of appreciating my capabilities, "he" took it for granted. 

Simple task like sending the kids to school SOMETIMES. He felt that I'm making his life difficult becos I can drive and I have a car. 

So yeah. It became my sole responsibility till the kids' teachers doesn't even remember who their father is cos they seldom see him. #truestory

And then, I got tired of "begging" his presence. When there's no more expectation, there's no more hope

Things will be different if I'm not working and he was the sole breadwinner. But then, no, he felt that he don't have to "support" me and I've to pay for the kids becos I'm working. Lol

Little did he realised that, I can choose to be lazy too. 

Why most men look for "overseas" women nowadays? Becos (most) SG women are not lazy and much more capable than them. Full stop. 


Sunday, December 13, 2015

R.I.P. Aunty!

Life's so unpredictable, she was well, good and healthy the last time I saw her about 5 months ago. At the age of 41 only, it's very heartbreaking, especially to her 4 young kids. Her daughter is only 4-5 years old, and is very sticky to her. 

Last year this time, we went to look for them at Malacca and she was the one ferrying us around. And they visit us yearly during CNY! :( 

The passing of the pillar of support, life will never be the same again.

No idea why, I feel extremely scared to receive such news as I grow older. I'm afraid of people leaving me, I'm afraid of leaving things unsaid or undone. 


Brought the two kiddos to our new house today, to carry up the cement and hollow blocks. We left shortly to meet PY and kids, B was left alone there to do all the odd job. Thank you B. 

Invisible grill up today as well.

Meimei gave Aaden a new nickname - Crispy. Cos she said his hair is "crispy". My god. She was so natural calling him "Crispy". Haha

He's so cute and chubby! Left him with PY's in law after bowling and went to far end of SG for dinner with B - Punggol Settlement. A place which I will go probably once a year.


Back home, the kids showered and changed to the same PJ which PY bought. They have been waiting for this day, for Alexis to come for a sleepover.

Discussing on the TV sizes with B. Time to source for furniture and appliances. $$$$.