Monday, December 7, 2015


This. I must agree. It's not that easy. He needs to be strong enough to bear critisms from everyone around. Bear the pain of the love he gave, in exchange for only an "uncle" for (probably) years. Bear with the doubts from my family, which is normal. Bear with my insecurities and most importantly, break the wall that I've built up unknowingly over the years. All these need more efforts than ever. 

Yes, I'm very very blessed to have him. 

Just like any normal couples, we have our fair share of arguments too, honeymoon period is over yo, expectations sank in. And we are both very very strong willed, with our own mindset. 

Many times I felt, maybe we are not suitable cos we think too differently in many issues. But eventually, we still gave in, a little bit from each, then we made up! 

Without love, it's impossible. Becos I'm so super stubborn, I won't give in when I felt I'm not wrong. Both parties are not in the wrong actually, just that the way we see things are different. I've finally come to understand this. 

When we are wrong, we apologised, there won't be any argument. Argument only arise when both parties have their own thinking, and neither one think they're in the wrong. 

Finding a person who thinks exactly like how you think is very hard. 

That's when love is important. Becos you'd rather lose the argument, than to lose the person. 

Therefore, the most efficient way to maintain a relationship, is actually to keep the love alive. 

How to keep love alive? 

1) Both parties must learn to give and take. A relationship will never work out when one keep giving, another keep taking. 

2) Efforts; endless efforts. 

3) Surprises! No, it's not only about gifts and money. (I never knew how to give surprises becos I cannot hide my feeling. But I'm learning!!!)

Disclaimer: I'm not a relationship expert, and I do faced issues I can't handle. Just my 2 cents worth, you may read it with a pinch of salt lah. 
I'm thankful, just very thankful to have him by my side. I love you, baby. Thank you for helping me with the house. So looking forward to see the overall result. 
Dropped by to take a look today and B is crazily happy to see the house smaller than he expects. (I've been telling him it's very small.) Like erm? Weird right? Smaller house means smaller space? But he said he likes small and cozy home. Yes. I prefer it small too. Cos if I've no ability to engage a helper, at least I won't die from cleaning. Haha 

Reno is gonna starts soon. 

He asked me to design my own bag wardrobe... I gave up halfway, kept complaining that I don't know how to. So he will do it for me. Heehee 

I didn't engage any designer nor contractors becos he will design and build it. We will source & shop for everything (tiles, wood, lights, doors & furniture) ourselves. DIY again! Great! We can take this chance to "pak tor"!!! 

More about our furniture sourcing on next (or next next, lol) post! 

From the "可口面" stall everyone is raving about, becos he loves it. 

While walking to the coffee shop, I said "B, 抱我"! Then he lifted me up and walk. Duh! That's how he always make me laugh. Haha

And here's our precious, who is in total X'mas mood since one month ago. She sings "jingle bell" 
Their X'mas gifts arrived!!! Sorry friends, please do not buy anything for me this year as I've no time to go and source for gifts. I only bought these for my two girls and thinking very hard now, how and what to buy for him. NO TIME!!! Maybe I just wrap myself up and gift it to him lah.

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