Wednesday, December 9, 2015


Honestly, it's a pure headache to renovate your own house. It's either you don't do, or you do it nicely. It cannot be half fucked.

But my mind is blocked. I totally have no idea what I want. I've to keep looking at others' reno online to search for inspiration.

So I chanced upon this blog earlier, and decided I want to fix a bath tub, since it's still quite affordable. $400+, ok lah. 

And I told B, window grill (and aircon, lol) is most important. I've heard of true stories of people falling down while cleaning window, fixing curtains & etc, hence I'm very cautious about it. 

No idea issit I keep thinking, I dreamt of 3 kids fallen off last night, and shocked myself awake. I'm scare. 

One of the reason why I hate staying high storey. I've never stay high storey before. My parent's hdb is on the 2nd storey only. 

Don't ask me why I choose so high, it's not even my choice, at all. 
I realised a part of me when doing all these. I HATE RUSHING. I don't like to put myself in a position where I need to rush for things/appointments etc. I like to do it slowly, take it easy, and having ample time to do it. 

We're so duper busy to be rushing up and down everyday. To office, suppliers, customers, banks, etc etc. Just wanna get it over and done with asap now. 

LOL! I really want to faint from all the cost. Not that I'm paying ALOT, cos B is helping me with some, but I'm totally not prepared for all these, yet! 

Haven't even start doing already invite people! Haha scally only happen one year later! 

Lying on the bed with Meimei now. She said she miss school and her friends. She wanna talk to them but didn't see them cos "there's no school for ages"! Lol 

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