Thursday, December 10, 2015


Probably have to agree on the "he loves me more than I love him" part becos he is really over protective towards me. To the extend I can't do anything that involves men. (Including talking to male suppliers or customers.) And therefore, I cannot do things I like too; blogging cos he is "very sure" there will be men wanting to date me. Erm? I've never encounter it before. 

The thing about him is, he is willing to do and give up many things for me. But I'm not unreasonably possessive like him leh.

To him, love means sticking to each other. Doing everything together, including work. 

But you know, I'm really not used to it. That's why we always argue. However, most of our arguments always ended abruptly. Like we can argue argue, then next moment he will msg me "love you b", then argument stop and suddenly loving again. Tmd. Hahaha 

To clarify, I'm not complaining. I'm just pretty amazed and amused by him. Why do such men still exist? 

He wanted to save, that's why he DIY and do everything himself. He's thrifty this way. But then hor, when it comes to CARS, tmd, he can buy it just like buying vege. 

He dragged me down to Commonwealth, paid and drove this car off on the spot. I was like ??????. I asked him not to shock me like that anymore, it's not funny, and it's not the first time. 

He said my bags are expensive. But it's just a fraction of the price of his cars. So in what way issit considered expensive leh? 

He can't bear to splurge on branded stuffs, watches etc. But he's willing to spend on cars. So I've came up with a perfect idea... 

I told him I'm not going to buy a car anymore. He can pick me or I drive his car, why waste money? Right? 



    please check the leaking

    by the way, Joanne, take care and happy holiday

    1. Yup! Wah, you very 厉害! Leaking from where?

      Thank you, happy holiday too!


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