Monday, December 21, 2015

Bubble The Fighter


We.broke.down. Seeing her in pain break us down. Hearing that she has cancer break us down. Putting her under observation break us down. We don't know what to do except breaking down. Crying hysterically when we know it's the most important time to be strong and let her spend her last days with us, happy. 

Sorry bubble, for not paying much attention to you. For thinking you're probably old already cos you walk so slow, not knowing that you're in such a great pain. For letting you suffer in silent. For taking your presence for granted.

Now, probably, spending a lot of money can't even cure you now. We will pray for miracle to happen. Please be well. 


  1. 9 years old is not considered old,my previous dog left us at the age of 17 .

  2. Sad to say ,Some owners just treat their dog as a pet and not as a family member.


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