Sunday, December 20, 2015

Bubble, get well soon.

Am not an avid pet lover, but I don't dislike animals. I just don't like to have them as pets becos I hate the feeling when they are unwell or dying.

Bubble is very unwell now. 

It's such a shame to admit that I've never been attentive to her since I've kids. 

Seeing how unwell she is now, I started to have fear of her leaving us. 

I cried, when I see her barely have any energy left. She didn't eat or drink since yesterday. And she's so strengthless till she can't even lift up her head.

I tried feeding her with some water and was so happy that she finally decided to drink. Then I tried feeding her some bread becos bread has been her favourite since young.

Peeled little pieces and soaked them with water and she finally ate. 

Dearest Bubble, please get well soon alright. You will definitely be well again, right? You will stay with us for another many years, right?

Seeing her from baby to now, she has difficulty in walking, it's really depressing. 9 x 7 = 63, she's so old already. 

You must recover ok? I want to bring you to my new house! 

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