Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Covered & Flat

Telling PY the other day, "when I open my wardrobe, all I can see are only work tops and jeans", becos that's the safest attire whereby I won't get nagged. (Have already bid goodbye to most of my dresses and skirts!)

Not only that, even my feets are covered up as well.

Heels? Nope. 

Loafers and sport shoes. Duh

I've changed, all my dressing. 

Bought so many covered shoes lately. Onisuka Tiger 1 month ago and today...

This. (Super soft and comfy! And I'm getting one for B too since its unisex!) Thanks Jane for helping me to find and buy at staff price! Blessed with nice friends! :) 

I miss dressing up. But when I dress up, B will be unhappy. Weird right? Sigh
Love is, growing fat together. And forever telling me I'm perfect. Nice. 

Sometimes, his domineering and over possessive character make me very frustrated. But when I calm down and see the whole picture, I know he loves me. His love is not via words, but via actions. He spent all his free time on/with me. And he's those, "Joanne not going so I also not going" even when I never stop him from going out. He don't go out, not becos I don't allow, is cos he don't want to. His best friend forever is actually his bed.
That's why no matter how unreasonable he gets, I give in. Becos he did a lot for me. I know and I appreciate. 

All fans and lights will be up by tomorrow. Happy to see progress amid the mess.
Grille at service yard up too. Issit weird not to have window? Haha 

You know ah, I spent about $600 on shelving, racks & displays liao. I think I bought too many, till I've no idea where to put...
Have been racking my brain on it, lol. I ordered first cos TB takes one freaking month to ship over! Can't really remember what I bought liao. 

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