Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Birthday Mommy!

Happy birthday my most precious mummy. Initially planned to go for a staycation but it was cancelled due to Bubble's condition. And I think, it's one of the best decision ever. 

Today; 27th is her actual day.
Everyone's around, and happy! Even Bubble...

Was feeling a little giddy and nuasea after buying food today and my very concerned daughter went to stick this thing on my head. She has been finding chance to play with this thing.

She's cute, damn cute, but getting a little out of hand. I beat her hand for being rude to Mary, she said she wants to magic me into a frog. 

B laughed. In fact, he has so much soft spots for her that no matter what she do, he laugh. 

I really appreciate him for putting in so much effort on me, us & my family. 
Even though he's soooooo unreasonable most of the time, but he really dotes on me lah, giving in to almost all my requests. 

Walao, I keep buying all the small small nonsense leh. Like towel rack lah, chopping board lah, makeup brush & cotton swab holders lah & etc etc etc. 
It's so chio and I'm buying both sizes. A X'mas gift from him. LOVE IT. 

You won't believe what I'm doing NOW. Msging Jeanelle for all my TB loots. She helping me to see it one by one, omg.


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