Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Lovely Weekend

I spent about $37+ to sign Raeann up for this class, becos she said she wanted it. She was looking forward to it until that morning... "Actually I don't even have to go to the class. XXX also know how to make and she can teach me." 

The effect of going CCK. Don't understand how issit even useful to tell her such craps when money has already been paid? And made her feel all my effort is actually redundant, cos it's no big deal. 

They probably don't mean anything when they said that. But to deal with a take everything for granted kid like Miss Raeann, it's best not to speak unnecessarily. She's not like Meimei who is so bo chup and not easily influenced. (You can say 100 bad things about me to Meimei, she will ignore you and probably ask you to shut up. That's her!) 

But luckily, the awesome goodie bag managed to win her heart back. 
Junior sushi chef in the making. 

Then we went for shopping after that. I actually planned to shop for my things. End up, I didn't buy my own stuffs, only their stuffs. They wanted shoes, sweater, food, food and more food. 
Found their "dream" bed. Lol! They are more excited than me when sourcing for furniture, I don't know why. 

I'm actually facing dilemma cos I can't bear to leave my parents. And the thought of leaving the house vacant (even when it's renovated) is so strong. 

You know hor, my kitchen is so ridiculously SMALL till I've no idea what to do with it. I told B to just hack it away lah, open concept lor. Haha 
Half a day only and I got totally exhausted...

B said I look very Aunty carrying so many things. (Never help me still dare to take photo!) But I'm Aunty what! From the first day I know him, I'm already lidat leh. Who cares? He still fall for me anyway. Hahahaha 

Went home, rest abit, then out for dinner again cos it's Jing's birthday! Sunday was so fully spent.

In future, they will have PLENTY of photos to flash on their wedding day. I kept every single one of them. 

Attended Esther's wedding on Saturday night with B. Her gown is so lovely. Happy & blissful marriage to her!

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