Wednesday, December 16, 2015


I'll be posting all the "milestones" of the flat on my FB, the transformation from bare to home. Becos I'm very lazy to upload all the photos here. However, it's only visible to friends. 

My FB is kinda "clean" cos I don't anyhow add people. Not interested to make new friends so don't have to add me, unless I know you personally. But, I don't add colleagues, customers & suppliers too. It's better to draw a clear line, B doesn't like it too. I deleted away more than 400+ requests already. God knows who are they. I don't see the need to anyhow add people just to boost my friends list. 
Finally see some result today. For the past 5 days, to save haulage, B has to carry up more than 40,000kgs of cements/tiles alone. He said he become fitter, but also fall sick liao. Poor B! 

And it's just the beginning. Duh 

Went to "top up" the tiles today. We try to save by engaging different contractors, sourcing & buying all the materials ourselves, plus some carpentry DIY by B. He actually wanted to do the tiles himself sial. He thought he's superman I think. 

I'm counting down to the day when it's all completed. Shifting in or not, I don't know yet. I'm just too exhausted to think about anything now. 

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