Thursday, December 17, 2015

More interesting than stock market!

Wow, EAC's page garnered more than 220 new likes overnight. I kept receiving notifications, so shocked but fun and exciting to monitor it. Hahaha

Becos we launched an impromptu X'mas giveaway, it was unplanned, I suddenly thought of it. Didn't expect the overwhelming responses too. Thanks to people who shared, and their friends shared, and shared and shared. 

Hey, the season of giving is here! Stand a chance to win $100 Takashimaya vouchers from us now! Simply "Like" and "...
Posted by Exclusive Automobile Club on Wednesday, 9 December 2015

You may also wish to join in the fun? LOL. Shall ask the boss to decide how to choose the winner. Those who didn't win, don't be disappointed, cos I've thought of something else for you guys too. Well, it's the season of giving, isn't it? You happy, I happy, everyone happy.  

I took the above photo with the backdrop and my phone. Nice hor? Actually, I'm really interested in photography. Perhaps, it's time to get a new camera.

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