Saturday, December 26, 2015

Not very optimistic...

As much as it's not easy to take care of unwell Bubble now, it's even harder (and very torturing) to see her suffering in pain. She used to be such an active and greedy dog. But now, even though she still responses to her leash and gets very excited when we want to walk her, but sometimes, she's too pain to even walk. And she rejected all kind of food today.

Now, she has to do her kidney dialysis & takes 4 different types of medicine day and night daily. She hated it and got very aggressive when we force fed (which is instructed by vet) her till she bited. 

SHE NEVER BITE ANYONE BEFORE. Never. She's really nice and adorable and she loves the kids. The pain has caused her so much misery till she loses her mind and in tears everyday. 

Our emotion is like a roller coaster ride. Like yesterday, she was better after we brought her to the TCM for an acupuncture. But today, she worsen.

Had to "pacify" her to take her food cos I really don't know to force feed her. So I used "walk" to "exchange" terms with her. Had to bring her to walk twice this morning...


Then she finally ate some. I know using soft approach is probably the dumbest way, but I've never used force, or hit her before for the past 9+ years, no matter what she did (like deliberately shitting and peeing on my carpet).

The only regret I have is probably taking her presence for granted, thinking that she won't leave us so fast.

Seeing her photos made me tear, seeing her in pain made me tear more. She's so pain till she can't even bark now.

I think she's just hanging on everyday, just to spend more time with us, for as long as she can. Especially my mum, they are very close.

Bubblelooooooo, it's not easy to accept the fact that you will leave us very soon, but no matter where you are, I hope you can be happy & free of pain.
I miss her ringing sound when she walk and ran up & down the stairs last time. It's like we know, she's here. Bubble, can you go & scratch on Mummy's door again? :'(

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