Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Please be good, December!

A fresh start, I just can't wait to bid goodbye to dreadful November! However, something tragic happened to the next building today. I've no idea what happened until B sent me a photo of a "covered in blue tent body". I was too engrossed in getting the data entries (to track invoices) done. It's completed! Yay!

No idea if I should blame or thank that guy for causing me so much trouble!!! ITS NOT EVEN MY JOB TO START WITH. He received all the commission, while I do all the job for him.

Heard hearsay of the worker can't get salary from his boss & thus resulting in his tragic death. Haiz, money can solve a lot of problems, but it can cause a lot of problems too. For this, I apologise to all the customers I've offended lately, for calling them almost everyday. I'm sorry. 

They are very unhappy, we know. But I just have to do it cos if I didn't call them, they will take their own sweet time to do it. Cos afterall, they didn't know how important cash flow is to SME, like us. I don't blame them but I'm just doing my job; all the shit someone left behind. I'm forever helping people to clear their shit. Knn

We learnt, and we will improve on our system & ourselves. Which is why I started all the data entries. Sorry for all the unhappiness caused. 

And of cos, I wish to thank those customers who paid promptly. When we don't even need to remind them, receiving their cheques become a "surprise". Thank you. 

Now that everything has reset, and we have gotten rid of that 小人, I hope everything will go on smoothly from this moment. I'm very sick of facing tons of papers & files on my desk daily. Work is so neverending till I don't even have time to visit the toilet. One person doing 10 persons' job. I want to focus on my own responsibilities; garage & marketing. 

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm being superstitious or what, praying does help us to tide through the tough time. Last last Sunday, I went to pray at the temple (or I don't know what people call that, my office there has quite a few) just beside my office. I asked for help to get rid of all the 小人, for customers to pay us promptly and may the business flow smoothly.

The following Monday I called and ask for payment, we then 'discovered' something amiss. All the truth came to light on Wednesday. And we managed to get quite a few payments today! Tomorrow must go "return" liao, like a thank you. P/S: My bosses and colleagues are mostly Christians or free thinkers. 

December used to be my favourite month, becos I can get AWS and splurge on X'mas gifts for my kids and friends. But I don't have the time, energy and money now. Haiz...
Nonetheless, I'm still very thankful for today's paymentssss. It's a relieve and my hard work is being paid off! :) 

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