Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Positive positive!

Can't deny that all the happenings lately has dampen so much of my (and everyone) mood.

The house is stuck, with undone tiles. Tiler disappeared and unable to find a good and affordable one to take over, yet. All the plans (carpentry etc) has to be delayed. 

Met up with the carpenters today, for the kitchen. B revealed abit of his plan. Okay, it meant to be a "surprise" so it means, I know nothing of my house theme and design. 

But becos I know nothing, I cannot plan or buy other stuffs as well. I'm only in charge of the kids room, which we have already settled 3/4 of it. Bought their beds already. He carried all alone again. Haiz 

Then he suddenly decided to paint too. 
So I lent him a helping hand. Hahahaha (I did help to paint all the edges ok!)

I'm so excited to show the kids their new room. I bet they will love it.

He said "ask you to help but you always 越帮越忙." LOL
But when I said I want to go home first, he find excuses to make me stay. I said, "want me to accompany you then say lah, feel bored without me right?" 
He said cos he's a man, he cannot say things lidat. Hahaha so silly. Don't understand all the egoistic! 
It's funny how we always made up suddenly after a big fight. Nowadays, our fights don't last more than 2 hours. 
You know what I like most? 

The sudden or goodbye hug he gives and whisper "I love you" to me. Which he seldoms do that now cos HE IS A MAN. Haha

I hope he reads this and do it more often. 

On a big shopping spree now. It's quite shiok to just buy and buy and buy, for the house. I have to buy them lah, sooner or later.

Most satisfied purchase as of now is this 55" TV, even though is a display set. Aiya who cares! I seldom watch TV also. Initial plan was 32" remember? Then B bargained till 42", we managed to buy a 55" now! Also gotten a fridge, becos carpenter needs the measurements. 

Stay positive! The house will be completed soon & Bubble will be well again. 

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