Saturday, December 19, 2015

Renovation hiccup!

The problem with engaging sub-con, they disappeared after getting money, leaving their job HALFWAY. CCB

B was very angry, but yet he looked so calm, his reaction scared me. I don't dare to say anything when he said that he wanted to complete the tiles himself, even though I was quite skeptical about it. (He's just like my father. Better keep very quiet when the situation is not right. The more I talk/suggest, the more trouble I'll have, lol.)

But he has proven that he can do it. Haha! So proud of my handy man. At the same time, I'm so scare of him too. Cos whatever I say I want to buy (like kids' beds), he will say "very easy to do only, I do myself". 

I know he can do, no doubt about that. But it will bored die me cos I've to sit around and accompany him. I feel bad leaving him alone to do.

Lights and fans arrived, aircon up too. The door frame look so sucks, hahaha!

Now now, I told him I'm very sick of this reno thing liao. I'm a very impatient person, I don't like to see things progressing bit by bit daily. 

I asked him to engage someone to take over and do everything once and for all, a trustable one of cos. 

Also decided to change away the toilets cos they look so "out" and "chui". I want to change them into resort or hotel style. Might as well lah. Just get everything done at once. 

It's 3.12am now. I've no idea why I suddenly wake up and can't get back to sleep. I think I'm feeling too stressed, over this stupid reno.

After some serious calculation, I'd probably have to fork out about $15k (I hope there won't be more) and that haven't include any appliances and furniture.

The rest are covered by B, like walk-in wardrobe, master bedroom bed, window ledges & TV consoles carpentry plus some labours & etc. Which I've no idea how much they costed altogether, yet. 

The cost just keep adding, many of them are kinda unexpected. The whole reno (only) probably cost close to $28k. Saved about $15+k lor! The normal quotation for the things we wanted with an ID will be around $40+k cos I've no floor and doors!!! 

So people, think thrice before opting out from HDB tiles and doors. Even though there are many negative feedbacks about their poor quality etc, but it can save you a lot of trouble and reno cost, unless you're already mentally (and financially) prepared for it. 

Becos when doing reno time, you will not choose the cheapest way of doing. Cos cheapest way is the most simple and ugly. Trust me. You will suddenly think "maybe I can add this, this and this, might as well lah", cos afterall, it's your own flat, you will want it as cozy as possible. 

Like I said, it's either you don't do, or you do it nicely, you won't allow it to be half fucked even when you have to throw in all your money! 

It will be worse if you've a cannot be bothered attitude, like me. I don't know what I want and I don't bother to source the cheapest one by one. 

I'll only tell B, "ok, I'll fork out $XXXX max for blah blah blah, you decide what you want to do" and he will go and think about it. LOL

Somehow I felt I'm so man can cos usually, women have many ideas and comments about their home reno one. 

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