Friday, December 11, 2015

Renovation starts now!

Guess you guys have to bear with me for the next few weeks as I'll be posting a lot about reno. It's my first time, and due to budget constraint, there will be plenty of DIY. Therefore, I MUST pen down every single moment of it, as a memoir.

Today is the start of all the drilling and whatsnot. I felt very apologetic towards all my surrounding neighbours. Heard kids crying today cos of the drilling. I understand how annoying it is cos I cannot stand the noise too. 

So I left a note on the FB group, apologising for the noise pollution and inconvenience caused. And here's the responses I get... (Despite being inactive in the group!)


Am glad to have nice neighbours around. But no, I guess it's not enough towards the 3 neighbours beside us who will be directly affected.

I'm not trying to bootlick or act nice to them, but I felt really bad for making them suffer. I know it's not my fault for collecting the key so late, but I can't help not doing anything, it's just not me. 

My Chinese neighbour is very nice & funny. They caught us on their CCTV today, saying HI. Then they asked if we're taking a selfie? Lolol

Aircon will be up by next Thursday. Window grill tomorrow.
Tiles will be starting on Monday. 

Also went to view bathtub today, but not confirmed yet cos I haven't do any measurement. 

Anyway, I'll do a breakdown of what we have paid. Most likely, I'll have to fork out more than $10k including all the basic furniture. The rest will be covered by B. I know, I certainly know that $10k++ to do a complete house is way too cheap.

But I'm totally NOT prepared for it. My initial plan was to leave it empty first mah. Now, I've to throw in all my salary & saving cos I cannot stop halfway. 

Owning a house is part and parcel of life, I've to go through this process sooner or later. And actually, I'm considered "too late" already. So many of my friends have became house owners many years ago. 

Yes, I got married very young and could have done that too. But I refused and honestly didn't regret even though properties were way cheaper back then. 

Don't ask me why, cos I don't know why either. I just don't feel like it. I don't feel like doing all the documents and everything (alone) at that point of time.

I know I'm weird. 

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