Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Setting up a home...

Is fun. But physically & mentally tired and worst of all, a huge hole in the pocket.

We are already using the lowest budget to make the most comfy home (in our opinion). A home built up with our own hands, hard work and sweat, that's why it's damn shiong.

I guess, every couple fight when it comes to setting up a home (mainly due to money). We too. However, we only have one thing in mind, which is to do up the most cozy home of ours. Its a lovely albeit tedious process. I hate it though. I told B that I hope the time will fast forward, I hope everything will be done when I wake up tomorrow. Hahaha 

Browsing through ikea catalogue now. (TB, Qoo10, Daiso and ikea are my best friends now.) Marked down a few items I want to buy after cleaning up. Finally found the shoe cabinet of the best size to fit into the "hole". I'm fussy about leaving big space in between. Really happy to have found one that suits the height, length and width. And it's cheap!!! Yay! 

Also found the best bed for the kids. And I drew this...

Trying to explain to B how I want to place the furniture. He can understand leh, I'm such a genius in explaining. Lolol!

#truestory He's really watching over me every minute, except when I'm at home. And I think he feels uneasy not seeing my pretty face. Cos he asked me to bring a stool, sit there and just watch him work. Erm.

Having a simple meal at hawker centre together makes him very happy. (Actually me too!) He said is simple happiness, which I agree! (We always eat at hawker, I love hawker food! Cheap & good!) 
2nd day of tiling. Living room and common corridor almost done. They started on the kids' room today. 

There are still many many many things to do. I'm dying, B too. But luckily, I've found helpers to clean up the house liao. Phew! 有些钱是不能省的. 有钱没命花, 不是更浪费! 

Talking about this, my parents are back from Malacca yesterday, with a heavy heart. Aunty could have been saved. All becos she refused to take medicine & go back to hospital when she relapsed, she thought she will be okay soon. 

You know the thing about most women, especially those after having kids? We tend to neglect our own health. Not in terms about eating healthy etc, but we always think that we can self cure with leftover medicines. I'm lidat too. 

I must remind myself not to do that again and be more cautious, for the sake of people who love me, and people I love. 


  1. Hi,how much is the helper you found for cleaning your house?


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