Monday, December 14, 2015

Submissive :: Capability

While showering earlier, I suddenly recalled what one of my cousin told me before. Long story short, she's very capable and I once asked her, "you don't feel like getting married ah?"

Her reply, "if I want to get married, of cos I've to find someone more capable than me. If not, I'll have to look after him all my life." 

True. It's not about money, it's about capabilities. 

In order for a woman to submit herself to a man, that man must be more capable than her, and able to do things she can't do. 

For example: If now, I don't work, don't have a driving license & don't own a car, I'll probably have to "depend" on a man who can provide me with them. 

A husband's greatest failure is to let his own woman to become more capable and stronger each day and to let her felt that "she's better off alone". 

I've been forced to learn a lot throughout the last 8 years. To the extend, I've no idea what and who can I depend on.

Instead of appreciating my capabilities, "he" took it for granted. 

Simple task like sending the kids to school SOMETIMES. He felt that I'm making his life difficult becos I can drive and I have a car. 

So yeah. It became my sole responsibility till the kids' teachers doesn't even remember who their father is cos they seldom see him. #truestory

And then, I got tired of "begging" his presence. When there's no more expectation, there's no more hope

Things will be different if I'm not working and he was the sole breadwinner. But then, no, he felt that he don't have to "support" me and I've to pay for the kids becos I'm working. Lol

Little did he realised that, I can choose to be lazy too. 

Why most men look for "overseas" women nowadays? Becos (most) SG women are not lazy and much more capable than them. Full stop. 


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