Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Just got home and feel a little emo cos usually when I open the gate, bubble will bark or dash out. But she's feeling so weak now, after her discharge. She's so tired cos she didn't sleep well for the past two days. So poor thing! :(

We decided to seek for 2nd opinion. Still considering to bring her to another well known doc or TCM (now then I know animals also got TCM).

Home is still the best place to be. But I believe she will get well, she will. 

And oh, no, I didn't went out to play. I went to my bro's place around 10pm to help out with Anders then went to pick my dad home. 
Cheeky boy refused to sleep, lol. And he kept playing and playing, laughing and laughing. 
This morning with Raeann cos she played with my hair for 30 mins, saying she wants to learn how to do pleats. So I just sit there and let her mess my hair up.

So sleepy now. Good night world.

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